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  1. hippo

    Going Under ?

    Apparently HMRC have issued a winding up order..... Other than this no being good news - I don't know the implications ? - any finance gurus ?
  2. An article this morning in The Times regarding Championship clubs selling then leasing back their grounds, says Villa Park may be sold if we are not promoted.
  3. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2019/04/11/psg-owners-may-buy-championship-club-french-media-make-links/
  4. So with our new Sporting Director, Manager and Assistant Manager in place, who do we think we'll be looking at in January? Wonder if Terry might be able to lure Gary Cahill back to Villa? We sorely need a solid CB to partner Chester.
  5. If we don't win promotion Bruce is surely out. If we win promotion, I can't see Tony sticking with him in the Premier League. Who would you like to have (realistically) to replace him?
  6. I have added a variety of names who do you want? I voted for Rodgers, but would be happy with Wilder, or Flores
  7. So. I know it's early and there's a long way to go this year. We may even be in a different division. We may not. One thing that is for sure is the rules have changed. The transfer window opens on June 9th and closes on Thursday 9th August at 5pm. So there are no transfers after the first fixture of the PL. And no one is staying up till midnight anymore. A week or so ago the EFL decided to join the party. https://www.efl.com/news/2018/february/earlier-closure-of-transfer-window-agreed-by-efl-clubs/ So if we don't go up we would still be able to loan players or sign free contr
  8. KJT123

    John Terry

  9. Any news on the DOF and CEO appointments?
  10. With news of American baseball investors, British consortiums and no doubt a few other problematic nationalities, and Tony's accounts locked down in China (believe that or not) - I have a feeling we will be sold on quite soon. I would be quite happy with a lower level figure this time, with 'only' a few hundred million to their name but with all the necessary business savvy to get us back and keep us there. Provided we aren't docked a squillion points for going into administration.
  11. TRO

    Thierry Henry

    stop press!!! Corals suspend the betting on Thierry Henry to replace Steve Bruce.
  12. We don't have a CEO at the moment - Obviously we need one before long (or do we ?) a few options Xia Himself Brian Little Howard Hodgson Steve Round Or could we have a new board with a combo of some of the above and some Xia's trusted staff
  13. AshVilla


    So who do we sell to try and raise funds and meet FFP because of the diminishing parachute payments Kodija and Hogan for me
  14. I now feel there has been enough time to assess Bruce, now that we know pretty much where this season is ending. I still count this (not everyone does I know I know) as his first full season and he's pretty much got us play-offs barring something daft. This squad, whatever happens will change wholesale next season, and actually I don't mind that, I think we've witnessed a very good effort from a team composed of loan signings and others all of who do not know their future after this year - it was only ever to be a one season squad. The manager, has to take credit for achieving play-
  15. Right then, the clocks have changed and it's getting colder, and we've been linked to Carrick. Is it time to start discussing the Jan window? I think so. MANCHESTER UNITED legend Michael Carrick is attracting interest from Aston Villa and Leicester, according to reports. http://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/872640/Manchester-United-Aston-Villa-Leicester-Michael-Carrick-Transfer-News
  16. So with the start of the window coming soon do we think any faces will be leaving us come January? Surplus imo:- Bunn- contract expires end of season anyway. Richards, Elphick, De Laet, Lyden,- contracts end in summer 2019 and Tshisbola & McCormack end 2020. If we can offload this bunch and recoup about £6m in fees and slice a big chunk off the wage bill too and allow us to bring in players that we will use.
  17. My thoughts are clear Bruce out But what happens then? So here‘s what I‘d do. I‘d ask BL IT to take temporary charge with JT as assistant I‘d go through the coaches and check who does what and how good (or bad) they do it. I‘d then clear out one by one. I‘d get on to Round to draw up lists of who is available (managers coaches) Then I‘d re-employ Steve Hollis to gather info of how to go forward I‘d keep Wyness and Round for now to do admin and work load - no decisions from them and see how the temporary team goes. Any backchat or shit from any
  18. Only a matter of time now Bruce is on his last legs now. Who do you want? I haven't put people like Jokanovic and Stam as the compensation will be insane and we won't be able to afford it. For example 5m for jokanovic. who do you want? I've gone for dean smith
  19. Already been linked with few players including Sam Gallagher of Southampton: http://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/784486/Aston-Villa-Southampton-Sunderland-Steve-Bruce-Championship-Transfer-News-Gossip http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/rumour-aston-villa-could-face-12799498
  20. Usually the transfer window is a time for excitement about new players, and I am very pleased with the Terry signing. I've really come round to it in a big way. Clearly we also need a keeper (probably Johnstone), we know Bruce wants Whelan (and you have to think it'll happen), and personally I'd like to see a quality attacking player come in given that this was our main downfall last year. This is all well and good, but our squad size is ridiculous. In many ways therefore I'd argue that pruning the squad effectively is at least as important as who comes in. Currently we have 34 players i
  21. Surely its time for a new one of these? BRUCE OUT
  22. Aston Villa transfer priorities: The players Steve Bruce needs for promotion A 13th place finish in the Championship in 2016-17 shows the extent of the job at hand for Steve Bruce at Aston Villa, with a big summer ahead for the Midlands club. The Villans boss has been vocal over his desire to clear out a lot of the current squad in the next few months, while a host of new men have been linked with a move to the club ahead of next season. Given the amount of expenditure Villa have outlaid since Dr Tony Xia took over at the club, there will certainly be plenty of failed acquisitio
  23. These are the usual suspects when discussing who we all want to see leave, or arguing should be kept on for another season. I was just curious if you could only pick one, who it would be? I always have a sense of the silent majority being against certain players leaving, the flip side of the coin being some people wanting them all gone. But for both those extremes and everyone in the middle, who is it you dislike being part of our club the most?
  24. What - too early? Well Christmas is about to bite you on the b*llocks, so I disagree. More so because we have a new manager almost in and I want to discuss the most likely signings of Huddlestone and Elmohamady.
  25. Imagine we beat Brighton on the last day scraping in to 6th place on GD. Toon winning the league Brighton 2nd 3rd - Leeds 4th - Reading 5th - SHA 6th - Aston Villa Both Semi's decided on penalties ....and then Aston Villa v SHA playoff final @ Wembley to decide who goes up to PL Could you handle it?
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