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  1. what no minus options
  2. Not everyone is born with that one
  3. If you lost your sight you wouldnt be able to enjoy Villatalk would you......oh hang on. Mind you X-factor would be so much more enoyable if your deaf....just ask Sharon Osbourne......or was that blind drunk.
  4. Sorry John but I really think that your way off on this. Your suggesting the guy doesnt know the difference between 24 & 25, then realises he made a mistake but lucky he draws the other ball out covers up half the number and remembers to call it as the other number! Conspiracy gone absolutely mad.
  5. mykeyb

    Top Gear

    Not really TBH I thought he was happy to take the piss out of himself and was sharp enough to put Clarkson down a couple of times I may even buy him a Christmas card this year :-) I thought he came across really well. Not at all what I expected.
  6. I listened to talkshite on the way home and they really ripped the piss out of Birmingham. Couldnt understand why the scotland manager would quit to go there. and how shite were they when there last manager quit to join Wigan. Twas a fantastic 40min radio by their standards
  7. I suugest you all take a gander over on the keeprighton forum it is unbeliveable. There is a thread saying what a good job Ellis has done and could he be about to put some of his cash into the Blues as he is a closet bluenose. You really couldnt make it up
  8. Did anyone hear the guy from Derby County on Talksport at lunchtime. They eventually got around to asking him about the England Managers position and he said he really wanted an Englishman in the job which is why he thought MON would be perfect. I nearly phoned up to tell them he defo wasnt English but then couldnt be arsed.
  9. Google the amount of trophies that we have won. Have you even been in the European Cup, let alone win it? Villa have provided more players for England than any other team. That's doing something for the national game, is it not? Just remind me which team got to a major trophy final more recently
  10. Sorry John cannot agree with your rather churlish comments concerning Gareth Southgate. During his time at Villa he was a model professional, and your comment "And he looks like a horse. With stupid hair." is pretty childish. I would prefer Southgate in our back 4 right now instead of Mr Knight.
  11. Won nothing and not good enough. Expect Barwick to speak to him next week the useless fat clearing in the woods
  12. and "arry" has won what exactly. Ah yes thats right less than the previous manager who couldnt get us to next years finals. Brilliant just the job then
  13. Is Brian Barwick related to Jabba the Hut He really is an odious clearing in the woods of the highest order, coudlnt bear to be in the spotlight at the press conference and got all his mates to jump in on his behalf. How much has that **** idiot cost the FA
  14. Marcello Lippi - what the hell are they on
  15. mykeyb

    The iPhone Topic

    A guy in the studio who is an apple worshipper bought one on Friday. He is finding things he cant do on his Iphone that he could do on a nornal phone
  16. mykeyb

    Do you have a VHS?

    Nope, Record straight from my Dreambox to a PC - piece of cake.
  17. Well I did say about 30 or so pages ago (cant be bothered to search back) that Eidur G would be a brilliant signing for us. he can score goals, has technique, vision, comfortable on the ball and could possibly be a similar player to Merson. Onebody who watched our FA cup semi-final will remember how he tore us apart at times and we made a huge mistake in not going after him at the end of that season IMO
  18. Eidur Gudjohnson, better than Bent or Bellamy and looks like he might be available
  19. I thought he was a grade a prat and was definitely anti villa. There were so many instances that Im not going to list them.
  20. The big problem is that so many die-hards have stopped coming, first they dropped the season tickets, then they came to less and less games until finally Ellis had run the club so poorly people voted with their feet. The problem is that for many people they have found other things to do instead of coming down VP, and it will take a while before these people find the time to come down. Its not the case that Mr Learner needs to give them a reason to come down more a case of them re-discovering the passion they once had for the club again. I suspect with a good finish to the season and a little bit of activity in the summer some of those floaters will come back. it will be a gradual thing but it will happen.
  21. Unless we offered £15 million plus. A work colleague who for reasons best known to hm supports Wolves reckons someone phoned up Tony Butler last night and said that Robbie Keane was spotted at Villa Park, did anyone else hear this or can I file it in the bin marked wind-up.
  22. I really am struggling to understand the lets go and buy someone, anyone attitude. We need quality and if we have to wait till the summer then so be it, we are not going to get relegated so stop panicking
  23. Why though?. Just because fans are desperate for a signing. No. Because we need a right winger. Supposing hypothetically, MON said he really wants SWP but he's really only worth 6 million. But Chelsea would only sell him for 8, Randy might think the extra money was worth it. It's got bugger all to do with appeasing fans. As an example of what I mean, before christmas I needed to buy a printer for a present. I knew that if I went to a shop that was an hour away, I could get it for £40 less. But because I needed it and didn't have time to go to the cheaper shop, I bought it for £40 more than it was worth in the local shop. Supply n demand. Big difference in £40 and a couple of million tho isnt there
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