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  1. for aaron tsibola. meh meh meh aaron tsibola!
  2. I thought his body language on sat was awful. Stood around most of second half looking like he'd rather be anywhere but there. I'd have taken him off and brought green on when he was shifted to right mid as that seemed to do even more damage to his already low levels of interest! Head went after not squaring to Ross for 2-0 I think and then stopped trying
  3. loved the second verse of dr tony went rome dr tony huttons crap, can we have a right back right backs don't score wondergoals so you can have McCormack verse three dr tony guzans crap please give us a goalie dr tony quite agrees, so you can have gollini How about D R T O N to the D I S C O chant too!
  4. Shorter version of I love you baby (Andy williams version) You're just too good veretout cant take my eyes off of you De de de de de de da da de de de da daaaaa we love you Jordan and if it's quite alright we love Jordan and the city are shite we love jordan trust in us when we say etc etc
  5. We are the famous, the famous hole end clap clap clap
  6. for all the plaudits and ithink he's leaving with far more dignity than coudve been exopected, he has chosen to not play hutton / bent etc for large periods. yes they are on large wages but if you have to pay them you may as well play them. didnt really work and then doing a total change of mind with hutton didnt make him look the most organised. hope he does well elsewhere, it had just run its course. many more managers may have reached the results we have recently but other clubs make the decision to fire quicker than we have.
  7. i think he always conducted himself admirably and genuinely did recognise the "futble clubbs histre" (football club's history in english) and his role here but ultimately it was a lack of tactical nous that was the downfall, not financial restrictions. he is a good spotter of players (bar some duffs) and would make a great scout but he couldnt motivate or change things when he needed to and that was the problem. i feel relief for us and him now its over. onwards and upwards and i wish him the best
  8. i think Pep knew luiz enrique had fallen out with messi and co and said to lambert if you get them rolling the ball out from the you may be in with a chance of getting the gig. just say you know me.
  9. Hey there, you don't happen to have the National Lottery numbers for tomorrows draw, do ya? See, what you've done there is nothing more than what is your interpretation of events in the future you think may happen. I like to hedge my bets by saying "against Bournemouth we could win, lose or draw" - then I've covered all three eventualities. That said, I bet you haven't put money on your prediction, but if you did, you'd stand to win considerably more than what you'd initially laid out. touche - alas i dont, but if i did win id be investing it into the club and bringing ray w
  10. havent read the last couple of pages yet but all the fans in the mail over last couple of days saying it isnt lamberts fault as his hands are tied for wages and transfer fees, wait till we get schooled by bournemouth at home by players on less wages who cost less. its a myth about the wages and fees when the whistle blows, its about giving people the direction or opportunity to play good football. lambert thinks tactics are a brand of breath mint
  11. cleverley is a water carrier with a bucket full of holes. i dont get the logic of us losing delph because of wages and then paying £5 mill for a 20 year old from fulham because he's cheaper than delph. if we pay delph £10k more a week with a new contract we are £1.5 mill worse off than the current deal he is on. For arguments sake £9 mill over three years ' 360k a week, versus £5mill + agents fee + £20k a week for 3 years for an untried championship player is still £8/9 mill. dont mind losing vlaar but delph i think is going to get better. on a different note all the fans saying
  12. he's got a 12 plate ferrari within weeks of arriving at B6 so i dont think he's starving
  13. why isnt there a craig gardner topic on here? surely his actions deserve one! "as soon as i heard sunderland were interested it was a no brainer" what a mecenary little oik he really is. better players have stayed with teams they took down and didnt purport to be a lifelong fan. im sure he's 65% midget too, when he scores and goes ruinning off waving his arms they never look long enough to me. im not a heightest by the way, i love ronnie corbett
  14. which teams will be in the champs league places though thats the thing. i'd say its chelsea, man city, man utd for def, then spuds, arsenal, liverpool for the last spot. how long before uefa make champs league places for the top 6 because everyone wants to play in it?! right now we are in the 3rd group with the likes of everton / newcastle in my opinion. players dont have the loyalty we do to the team and in many respects we shouldnt expect them to. its a job to them. with the rich getting richer and likes of man city and chelsea being able to buy their way to the top table we shouldnt expe
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