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  1. El Ghazi is one of my favourite players - having a winger who just sprints at defenders with the ball is so great, even if it doesn’t always work, as it causes absolute carnage in the defence and leads to more space for JG/JM as the opposition midfielders scramble back. He also does a very good job defensively. If we can get something similar on the other side, we will be so much more of a threat than last season - teams didn’t really have to bother marking the winger on the other side to AEG most of last season, so were able to double up on him with CMs shifting well across.
  2. Leeds can play dirty like West Brom but also play good football when they have the ball. From our two demolitions of derby this season, it seems they can do neither. Would much rather play Derby in the final if they somehow manage to find a way there.
  3. Albert has completely lost confidence in himself in terms of dribbling/general positive play (which is sad to see as I really like him), and shouldn’t be playing in the final (same goes for Green, but probably for different reasons). With Tammy also struggling up front since returning from injury, we have a bit of a problem with the front three. I would move El Ghazi to right wing, for two reasons - firstly, he is our best winger, and assuming we are playing Leeds he should therefore be let loose on their makeshift left back. Secondly, he is better at tracking back than every potential winger except Adomah (who shouldn’t be playing), and Elmo is not as effective as Taylor defensively (due to being more adventurous). This gives us the option to put Kodjia or Abraham left wing (the latter would be a rogue choice but Tammy is struggling being the main man since injury so could be effective), knowing Taylor is quite secure behind them, with either Abraham/Kodjia/Davis up front. Personally I like the look of Tammy - Davis - El Ghazi as a front three, but can’t see it happening - I suspect Kodjia will go wide left and Tammy instead of Davis in the middle, which would be much preferable than the option s used in either leg against West Brom.
  4. Stepped up for the first pen and emphatically buried it - great to see that level of confidence from someone who I’ve not seen take a pen before!
  5. That was a poor performance from us tonight, but West Brom got absolutely everything they deserved over the two legs. They never threatened except for scraps and the odd set piece, and had no intention of playing football in 210 minutes against a team that finished below them in the league. The final (presumably against Leeds) will be an entirely different game, and I am much less confident after today than I was before, but we are there!
  6. On the one hand, I would’ve started Whelan I think given Albion have to come at us. On the other, that line up says to West Brom that we are gonna try to batter them even with a first leg lead. I think I like it.
  7. Should be a lot more open game with West Brom having to win. Same team but Green for Adomah. Can see us getting goals on the break - 3-1 win.
  8. I’m sorry you’re having such a rough time of things Kurt, and you’re feeling so low. From my experience of depression, your brain is not your friend right now, so be very careful about listening to anything it is telling you (in fact you are much better off not listening to any of the negative stuff as it ain’t doing you any good). You may not be happy now, but you have proved to yourself that you can be happy. That is an incredible piece of knowledge going forwards, and one you can use as you get yourself better. It will not be easy, but you will be so much stronger for it once you get there.
  9. He has been immense recently and is a huge part of why we are in the play offs. Anyone can make a mistake - when you play in a vulnerable position (ie one that can directly cost a goal), and your body doesn’t move quite as smoothly as it did 10 years ago, it just looks a whole lot worse. Today just wasn’t the game for him - West Brom packed the middle of the park with bodies, meaning it was very hard to pass between the lines (he wasn’t the only one having this issue - Grealish and McGinn struggled similarly). He has plenty of credit in the bank, and should be starting Tuesday in my opinion given West Brom will be coming on to us.
  10. So happy for Conor. He is not a natural CDM, and so gets a lot of unfair stick imo - he’s unlucky that the two best CMs in the league are playing in the advanced roles for us so he can’t get in his preferred position, where he always looks threatening. That goal was AMAZING. The technique to open his body and fade it into the far corner with his laces would have been incredible in any game, but in that game with so much at stake having just come off the bench? Just brilliant. Albion will have to have a more attacking attitude second leg (couldn’t get much less attacking), so not sure he will start over Glenn, but what a guy to have coming off the bench.
  11. That was one of those games that was basically dictated by West Brom’s attitude. They came here and packed the middle of the pitch, deciding to try and put together the perfect away performance/ruin the game (delete depending on who you support), and did it really well for the first half. However, one mistake or moment of magic from the opposition when you’re doing that and it turns into a bad decision, and that’s what happened. To be honest, I’m surprised more teams haven’t done that against us - we are clearly strong in the middle, and weaker out wide (especially on one side). However, I’d be really annoyed as an Albion fan - imagine taking four points against a team in the league, finishing above them and then getting so scared when it really matters that you feel as though you have to park an 8 man bus. That goal from Hourihane - honestly, the technique to do that, after being under pressure coming off the bench in our biggest game so far this season, was unreal. He’s unlucky we’ve scored so many screamers this season or that’d be up there for goal of the season. Gayle sent off was the icing on the cake. It is still really tight but, as I was going into this leg, I’d certainly rather be in our camp the Albion’s heading into Tuesday. UTV
  12. Yeah I took a trial at the local yoga studio to learn the basics, but once that ran out I have been doing it for free in the garden following YouTube instruction before leaving for work. Every time I do it i think it is stupid, but then feel great for the rest of the day - it really helps me get out of my head!
  13. Had no idea the odds were that bad! I found my first run killed me (only started this year) but after that I was ok ramping it up a bit. Tempted by a half in August- anyone got an idea how much training it’d require from 10k? Not sure I’ve got the time to dedicate loads of time to it so hoping once or twice a week would be enough, but that may be optimistic.
  14. Put myself forward for the ballot for next years London marathon after one of my friends who brings out my competitive side entered it. Probably a disastrous move (unless of course I’m unsuccessful) given I’ve never run more than a 10k, but there’s only one to find out...
  15. Still seems to have a bizarre weakness misjudging straight long balls which I’ve not really seen from a centre back before. That is one that is very easy to iron out though, and despite all the ball Leeds had around our box yesterday I never once thought we would concede (legitimately...) with 11 men. So nice to have two great centre backs!
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