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  1. KH**


    Purchased mine on Thursday and mine was waiting in my post box when I got home from work today :)
  2. KH**

    Neil Cutler

    Been brought in from WBA as goalkeeping coach He’s got a lot of work on his hands....
  3. We’re playing well at the moment, controlling things. But you can see a QPR goal coming first
  4. We really need to take a look at Ed Williams from Kidderminster Harriers. Scored another 2 goals today, looks like a quality player
  5. Who’s going to be the next favourite then?!
  6. Well at least Villa manager searches are never dull....
  7. I’d be surprised if they haven’t sounded out Patrick Vieira
  8. Just wait for a name to come from completely out of the blue. It may not be anyone that’s in bookies lists at the moment
  9. As an outsider looking in, what sort of person do you think we should go for?
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