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  1. Can we have their europa league spot if they beat us in the final
  2. We haven’t signed a Jordan for a while
  3. In my opinion, we are now at a point where we need to bring in a proven striker and not take a chance on someone unknown. We can’t gamble our premier league future on a forward that has no experience playing at this level
  4. Ben Yedder is decent. But I’d imagine this is a case of people on Twitter just making any french striker going, someone will be correct at some point
  5. Frank Lampard has said that Ethan Ampadu will he sent out on loan this season. Possible for us?
  6. We’d probably have to pay extra to include Hogan in the deal
  7. KH**

    The Film Thread

    I went to see Midsommar on Wednesday and I’ll admit it was one of the strangest films I’ve ever seen!
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