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  1. Because the reason why Conor wasn’t here last season was Ross Barkley. Now we don’t have Barkley either
  2. I suppose it’s a “wait and see too the end of the window” situation, but I feel we would be a little naive not to add another centre midfield player.
  3. Will Hughes supposedly going to Crystal Palace. Just mentioning as we were linked earlier this window to him
  4. Levy has offered £3m and a pack of quavers
  5. Because all good players come from top teams?
  6. Sarr from Metz is apparently being pimped around by his chairman today. He’s flying into the UK to drum up business
  7. Haha I was literally just about to post that
  8. I’m sure he knows a few bits of lower league stuff
  9. Probably preparing the bid as we speak
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