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  1. You need to have the right balance. By all means look for the next breakthrough stars from somewhere, but then in key positions you need to litter the squad with experience, guile and leaders.
  2. I’d just like to win some football games
  3. I’d like for this relegation to give us a chance to properly build a team
  4. This Steve Bruce seems like a decent manager
  5. I’ve always liked Dwight Gayle
  6. We should look at Antonee Robinson from Wigan
  7. Can we loan Januzaj if Baggio plays Sunday?
  8. My feeling is if we get nothing from Palace, it’s game over
  9. KH**

    New Manager...

    Pochettino would be lovely. But I just don’t see that as realistic, but trust me I’d love to proven wrong on that!
  10. KH**

    New Manager...

    He’s been massively let down by the recruitment, but then again that doesn’t excuse his apparent lack of tactical awareness. If he does get sacked though, I currently have no idea who would and should be next in line. i just don’t know
  11. KH**

    New Manager...

    Just by that I meant, that if we managed to stay up somehow, they might be more inclined to look elsewhere for a manager for the premier league. Whereas if we went down, they might think smith would be good enough for another go in the championship
  12. KH**

    New Manager...

    To me, it seems more likely that Smith would keep his job if we went down
  13. KH**

    New Manager...

    I like the way Wenger and Pochettino have been included in the poll, for what I assume is the comedy value
  14. KH**

    New Manager...

    Give it to Giggsy til the end of the season
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