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  1. KH**

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    I believe that they were both kept out of starting XI’s due to being rumoured to be moving away from their clubs.
  2. KH**

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    He’ll be like Alan Wright. Only with hair
  3. KH**

    Villa Kit 2018-19

    Those are beauties!
  4. KH**

    André Moreira

    Apparently going to be with a view to a permanent deal
  5. KH**

    Steve Bruce

    What is the biggest Villa thread we’ve had on here?
  6. KH**

    Steve Bruce

    If he does end up being part of a takeover, we might as well just register him as a player
  7. KH**

    Time for a takeover

    Well, this escalated quickly
  8. KH**

    Tony Xia

    I can only imagine that the guys over at TBAR are jizzing their pants over this and speculating Larry Ellison is incoming.
  9. KH**

    Time for a takeover

    Something is happening.... Get the GIF ready
  10. KH**

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Alex Bruce signs a new deal at Wigan. Bullet dodged for another season
  11. KH**

    Steve Bruce

    Isn’t Dave Jenkins the one that used to be ‘agent dave’?
  12. KH**

    Summer Speculation 2014

    Sky sports transfer centre saying rio Ferdinand has turned us down
  13. KH**

    Football shirts

    Righto, I'm here just to ask if any of you know of any websites that well football shirts cheaply.. I'm not too fussed if they are fake or not, but just looking for people with who have had good experiences with certain websites. Ta very much