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  1. To be fair, Given wasn't a complete failure. His first season under He Who Shall Not Be Named was very good, infact he was just as important in keeping us up as Darren Bent was (until injured). Everyone questioned the length of contract though. His confidence went to shit after the Euro's. N'Zogbia had a past, especially at Newcastle, and he only ever showed up for 1/4 of Wigan's games... And Richards, a lot of people questioned how much playing time he'd had abroad, and the fact he'd be put straight in as a centre back, when we really could've done with him as a right back.
  2. TezzRexx


    Still getting line busy... why couldn't they do this through the website?!
  3. TezzRexx


    Nope, having the same problem
  4. TezzRexx


    Got my ticket earlier today through the website (using Mobile data as well that was far below 3G... that was hard work!) which has been surprisingly stable! Whoop! I think the criteria will be down to 6+ games tomorrow, doesn't look like they're all going to go today. I hope so at least, hoping I can get my mate a ticket and also move my seat so they're at least close to each other.
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    Does anyone know if pre-season games are counted as part of the criteria? I rang up a few weeks ago when the criteria was first announced just to check and was told that they are, but then rang up today was told they’re apparently not! As usual there is nothing on the site confirming what does count and what doesn’t…
  6. Gabby is a complete word removed. His attitude is terrible and he's constantly calling fans "broke tramps" and suchlike on Keek/Twitter. Funny how he always performs when a contract renewal is near, too. Would love it if he left tomorrow.
  7. Not sure I'd call them Hungry unless you're talking about money... certainly not hungry for success.
  8. And as if he read your post and responded... gabbys on holiday ‏@TweetsInTheSand Protected Tweets 2m Im talking about my own self by the way
  9. Just put this on twitter...? gabbys on holiday ‏@TweetsInTheSand Protected Tweets 12m Money's never the motive for anyone - until someone makes it a bribe for 1. Fairs fair. #payup #broughtitonyourself #headbeforeheartforonce
  10. Lambert's pretty good at telling porkies so I'd read nothing into it. Remember that time he was quizzed about leaving Norwich and kicked off at the reporter, then left a week later?
  11. Kozak is the type of player that will still get you goals if the team is playing badly and not creating much.
  12. Good reasoning, based on a rational model of behaviour for Mr Lerner. But remember this is the man who appointed Alex McLeish to the general bemusement and disbelief of an onlooking world, so we can't necessarily assume this is all progressing in a rational way. That's initially what I thought but Randy is a businessman first so I would put my money on him being more competent to sell something, than appoint a football manager.
  13. Lets just see what happens. Too many ITK's with too many inconsistencies in their stories / previous posts to be believable!
  14. Yeap, another one who loved Nike, just not the way we were treated.
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