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  1. Embarrassing on MOTD there. Danny Murphy really doesn’t like us does he? Let’s keep making him miserable
  2. A win’s a win but I’d just like us to pull the trigger a bit more often in and around the box. I know they were hard to break down but there were a few opportunities to take a shot but people (e.g. Jack, DL) would cut back and look for a pass into the box rather than having a dig. Anyway, 3 points and positive goal difference, can’t ask for much more from the first game.
  3. JT is part of the problem. Not the solution
  4. https://twitter.com/misterguilbert/status/1186739545649438731?s=21 well done Jack
  5. Nice to see we sent GG over there with 2 tattoos on his knees. If you zoom in a lot, you can read them - they say “we paid for this knee” “...and this one”
  6. I vaguely recall it used to be the case that one of the promoted teams used to get us at their place. Certainly Portsmouth 03/04 and Bournemouth come to mind. So we probably will end up with something like Everton or West Ham at VP
  7. Reports going around that the hearing on FFP aid due to start today
  8. Preston’s Football Police Twitter saying no reports of acid attacks
  9. IF (and it’s a big if) protests were to start against Bruce then it should absolutely involve holding up ‘certificates of intelligence’. Or, a banner hanging from the Holte saying ‘Certified Intelligent... and it’s time to go Steve’ or something along those lines. NB: not in favour of protests yet although I think he does need to go
  10. No plans to dismiss Bruce, according to that article
  11. Thinking about ways to raise some capital - I would have thought Tony could flog his Ford Mondeo?
  12. Bobby Madley and Mike Dean the referees for the Away and Home legs respectively.
  13. I’m assuming this isn’t a recent photo - but if it is - where’s the beard????
  14. Used to really enjoy Aston Villa Review but not a fan of MOMS
  15. If it stays as is, whilst heartily laughing at the unwashed (as per usual); tomorrow becomes an absolute must win - if it wasn't already. He'll be out if we lose - even 'non-football' people can read a league table - as evidenced by my GF from Canada who knows nothing about football, who, when I showed her the table, said 'Villa really are shit aren't they?'
  16. Not sure that's real. It's certainly not on Twitter. Be hilarious if it was though. Would be saying what a lot of us were thinking
  17. Looking forward to seeing him lift the playoff trophy in full kit after being suspended for the final.
  18. Awarded Sky Bet Championship Ground of the Year. Clicky We do always seem to be commended on our pitch. I'm sure I read somewhere our old Head Groundsman went off to Barca or Bayern or somewhere like that
  19. Ehiogu My Lord, EHIOGU. Absolutely devastated.
  20. Terrible terrible luck for both players. Taylor because he went full pelt for the ball and caught Coleman in the wrong place, and Coleman for obvious reasons. Not trying to defend Taylor and pretend he did nothing wrong. It was not a good tackle - sounds like he was completely devastated and it doesn't sound like there was malice in the tackle. Just trying to be objective in that we see lots of tackles like that that sometimes people get away with it, but I think the after effect makes it worse. Best wishes to Coleman though, devastated for him
  21. Rumours on Twitter saying it's a bad injury
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