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  1. I'm actually quite a reasonable human being but I've carved out a niche on VT as a miserable **** and I can't really move out of it without upsetting my fans. I'm not.
  2. Yeah the more drunk I am the better I converse. In 2012 in my most drunken night ever (described it on here aggggges back) I had a prolonged conversation with Germans about football, in German. That is to say I spoke German, they spoke English. It sort of worked. However if you catch me sober you'd better chat to me about a) Football (soccer/NFL) Cricket c) Tolkien d) fraud otherwise you're going to have a tough time.
  3. If you're referring to myself and/or CED I think the answer to that is self-explanatory...
  4. I'm the same as Stevo. Tough to get me started in a conversation but if I'm vaguely comfortable from there I'm grand
  5. ..just because I'm known as a "bad mother ****". M5 status between J11a and J9: Clear.
  6. The forum change thingy ruined my shapeshifting illusion cube
  7. Haven't had the chance to test that theory out yet, barely been around 2 decades
  8. Oh it's a lot easier to hate an ex's likes if you aren't as keen on them
  9. Each to their own so it depends. I really do like Mahler, due to the diversity I've found between his symphonies. He's somewhat overlooked I think
  10. Here you lot can have this to listen to to send you to sleep. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdS06DZJLek
  11. Whoa. Don't go there. Don't attack the things I love Villa are shit. Yeah but we all know that........
  12. Borehamwood is in the WD6 postcode.
  13. Whoa. Don't go there. Don't attack the things I love
  14. I always go to sleep with headphones in. Usually to Beethoven or Tchaikovsky
  15. Off topic is the only reason I still visit this place (I know I wasn't on here for about 6 months/a year a while back) Main forum just makes me cross, this at least gives me some amusing moments
  16. I had a lovely cup of hot milk just
  17. It's the way they were stitched back in the day and I think the people who run tennis realised that the seam made the ball more aerodynamic and fly better (take note World Cup football manufacturers...) so when rules were introduced to standardise tennis ball design and behaviour they kept the S. Baseballs have the S too but they are still stitched. Wunderbar. Danke, mind at ease.
  18. Me seemingly "looking like" every single short-sighted **** on the planet, seemingly And saying seemingly. Seemingly.
  19. Why do tennis ball have the swirly S bit/join on them?
  20. Easiest way to stop someone crushing your hands is place your index and middle fingers together on the inside of their wrist as they shake hands with you. They can't do it then.
  21. As per GC thread... weak handshakers. Godamnit they annoy me
  22. Weak handshakers always annoy me. Not that Cameron doesn't...
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