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  1. But 10001 would be symmetrical. Stuck on 16 for a while then instead of moving to 17.
  2. Speak of the devil, and he shall appear. I watched TDKR tonight actually, far more plot holes than TDK but still alright.
  3. Not all men want to look like escaped Broadmoor inmates...
  4. Back at you. Those two posts have made me sad and pine for the days of Bouma-Laursen-Mellberg at the back
  5. they decide how many chips your getting and whether you get custard skin them girls got all the power they need
  6. No. My Bristolian work colleague does though. And he's ginger too....
  7. Making toast "fun-size" I guess. Though I associate fun with having more not less. So why is fun-sized always smaller stuff?!
  8. However consider my feelings damaged regardless. Both of you hang your heads in shame
  9. Oh my hair is notoriously slow growing. And light-coloured what with my fair-coloured hair. However I dislike the itching, food catching, and the way it makes me somehow look even more creepy than my usual look.
  10. I much prefer being clean shaven over having any facial hair
  11. I didn't think she'd appreciate a bronco buster. Had to Mooney that one. Jeez, no wonder I don't watch wrestling
  12. Might be recursion. That'll be the bastard. Cheers. (Google has a little joke with that word.)
  13. Never confuse education with intelligence... (Which is incidentally one of my favourite sayings to pull out in conversation)
  14. I **** shit up on Medal of Honor: Allied Assault (11 years old), got a 1-1 draw against Rennes in a Pre-season friendly on FM14 and went downtown on Kashyyyk with the droids. So yeah, a pretty cool lazy evening
  15. Pretty much any attractive female speaking French or German makes her instantly twice as attractive.
  16. I've played 3 games this evening and Cool Boarders ain't one.
  17. Star Wars Battlefront II. An a-mazing game.
  18. By weight. It senses a suitable weight and pings if the seat is "in use" but the seatbelt is not. However too much on the passenger seat may require you strapping said seat in to stop the pinging. If that's what you meant..
  19. What are the correct/scientific/whatever names for pictures that contain a neverending imagine, like the laughing cow on Dairylea which has laughing cow earrings which has laughing cow earrings.... ad finitium?
  20. Ah that was what I wanted for the "wonder"ing thread. Good reminder there
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