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  1. Funnily enough Andye is how you say my name in an exaggerated Midlands accent
  2. Errant e's are always deposited unceremoniously into my name for some reason
  3. Good times. Those were the days eh...
  4. Mars bars. I don't like them that much... I should....... but I don't. i have no real idea why.
  5. Is that the thing where you run about and throw handfuls of flour? Where someone's laid the markers aye. Was good tonight. I'm fitter than I look
  6. Thing is with Bristolian accents is they also like to speak really, really quickly. Like my colleague. I have to carefully watch him to translate him.
  7. I can't even remember the last time I was in Bristol. Despite the fact it's just down the road
  8. (And no I'm not comparing you to Yoda before you kick off )
  9. Just had my dinner, and that cheered me up. Lovely stuff.
  10. My username is my old 606 name. You look bloody young though Dave in all seriousness. If I had to guess I'd go 25/26.
  11. It'd be like the Chuckle Brothers on acid with you two
  12. Pretty much nailed it for me there Dave. On time: Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.
  13. I'm the nice healthy height of 6'2. An ideal height I reckon. It's above the 6' margin so I'm not classed as "short" but not into "How's the weather up there" territory
  14. Maybe you should hire VA and 8pints as your bodyguards. If you could put up with their wise-cracking on a daily basis (I know I couldn't)
  15. Haha no tricks on my part I am 209mm in length Damn dude, this guy's tiny! He must be a dwarf. Midgets piss me off. Frowny face.
  16. I wonder why headphones tangle together into a Gordian knot every time you put them in your pockets?
  17. Hope you're okay Jenny Well as okay as you can be if you're mugged. At least you didn't lose owt and people came to help. Have a cuppa/something stronger. Jon's post has really made me want to make myself an Irish coffee. Mmmm.
  18. I'm going hash-running tonight. Better get ready
  19. Yeah but a friendly smile followed by silence because you can't think of anything to say is pretty creepy! Fortunately, alcohol happens when I do most of my "chatting up" so that solves everything.
  20. You mean ad infinitum, no? Yes, yes I do. No idea why I erred there.
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