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  1. Shit Sam. As others have said I'd go and get help. Serious stuff, and hopefully you'll find a way to fight through it and come through this darkest of dark patches mate. Good luck to you though.
  2. I like movie twists, no matter how predictable
  3. Ale is half empty. Or full
  4. I tried to find a HHGTTG relevant picture
  5. I wasn't even on here when I went through my worst patch either! Yeah it affects a load more people than we think
  6. Oh yeah. I've dealt with my own demons in that very field. It's so tough talking about it. Easier on here though because no face-to-face interaction but people still know you.
  7. I was going to make a joke about your corrections in the OptaJoe thread but I thought I'd be nice...
  8. Bloody hell Rob, you on the whisky or something?
  9. 560 - LeviRamsey's posts contain on average 560 words. Essay.
  10. Red wine with fish. Well that should have told me something.
  11. A rather too avant-garde and extrovert a title for this thread methinks. I for one could not deal with such excitement.
  12. Shite news Si. All the best to them and I hope they beat it.
  13. This is my annual '**** off festival you traffic arsehole' tweet then. A load of people from my work going. Quieten it down a bit which is good
  14. You look nowhere near that height. Are you reading centimetres instead of inches? I slouch!
  15. You pedantic bast Stevo. I do have to type surreptitiously at work..
  16. I've noticed a spelling mistake on my colleagues shirt and it's annoying me
  17. Having a packet of Malteasers and Salt and vinegar McCoys.
  18. Ciaran, is that you? *panics and clear original post into top tier of the stand*
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