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  1. Mozart was a genius, but Beethoven goes straight to the soul http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMctnc_ogD4 Agreed. No doubt in my mind that Mozart was more talented (don't think anyone ever has had more musical talent if I'm honest) but Beethoven's music is far deeper. On that note, seeing people talk classical music has made me happy
  2. 6-a-side update: Scored 2, won 5-0, our third clean sheet in a row. 2 goals conceded in 5 games, 17 scored. Alright really.
  3. Ireland deserved it. England weren't far from a grand slam, but still came close. Re: wingers I agree.. but you forget how young Nowell and May are. Bit of bulk on them and 3 years experience for England and this will be an incredibly complete team. To go and give Italy a stuffing like they did in Rome is quite impressive, and they should've scored more. Ireland edge it but real high hopes for England. Scotland though
  4. We're top of our league now after successive turbulent seasons of players leaving etc... 2 goals conceded in 4 games.
  5. it does cheer me up but still a bit tedious. Played 4, won 3, drew 1, lost 0, for 12 against 2.
  6. Dear lord what have I missed..
  7. Played 6-a-side football. Won 1-0 Second clean sheet in a row, won 5-0 last time out
  8. Roasted parsnip is lovely. As I've said on a thread on here, chicken and mushroom is 'literally' the worst pie going.
  9. Mushrooms can occasionally be okay. Sprouts and cabbage can not.
  10. Actually cabbage is another thing that pisses me off. Sure it's good for you but why is it so damn disgusting?
  11. Brilliant mature win for England. Completely outclassed Wales. Need to cut out those silly penalties to mount a world cup challenge.
  12. On a more on topic note, there's been so much recently that could fill this thread. Work colleagues, work superiors, friends, family members, etc etc. All seems to be pissing me off recently. And some of it shouldn't.
  13. Also when you crack an egg in two, tipping the egg yolk from one half into the other until you've separated them works.
  14. NCFOM is definitely in my top 10 films, Javier Bardem is just chillingly good in it. "What's the most you ever lost on a coin toss?"
  15. Chicken and mushroom pie. I'm a big pie fan. But chicken and mushroom is a ****-awful combination
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