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  1. Hi General What are we looking for in a new manager? Will it be experience, ability to manage on a tight budget, a big name to keep our best players, etc. My personal favourite is big Martin Jol, as I feel he would get us 4th, shift the deadwood, sign some excellent prospects and bring through our talented youth. Thanks
  2. What do we prioritise though, nice football or winning ugly?
  3. I just think Pulis is just like MON though, we'll play defensive football and fail to break down teams just like what always cost us in our CL chases.
  4. Wiggy I was responding to the chap who wanted some reasons why Jol should be manager. At least its not like signings, we are guaranteed to get a manager. I just want a quality manager who will get us to push on, so someone like Pulis wouldn't be that man.
  5. Jol was a bout of food poisoning away from 4th place remember, he was unfairly sacked by Spurs, and it was the team he assembled that qualified for the CL this year. Jol is a fantastic manager, and would be the perfect man to get us top 4.
  6. I wouldn't want Sven personally! I think he wasn't that good at Man City and he was crap at Notts County. Glenn Hoddle might be a good option.
  7. There isn't. Paul McGrath doesn't exist!? I may have to end it all!
  8. Holloway in the hat as well... We could do a lot worse.
  9. Maqroll - Oscar Tabarez? Would love Pellegrini or Tabarez tbf
  10. Daft, Fulham weren't willing to pay the compensation Ajax wanted. Otherwise the best we can hope for is Bradley.
  11. I don't like the chequered look very much.... bit too Croatia-y. And I hate their kit an' all. True at least we haven't got the away kit Everton have, sheesh, should be sponsored by Tampax!
  12. I forgot District 9! Epic film!
  13. Airplane is simply the best film ever made. The Hangover, Anchorman, Hot Rod and Happy Gilmore are great as well.
  14. ----------------------- Oh come on, Paul Koncheskey isn't that bad!!
  15. Well the thing is with replacing Milner, we're going to have to see another workhorse, someone who can run until they drop which is preferably a threashold of about 120 minutes as opposed to 60 *cough Petrov cough* but I would be happy with a youngster filling Milner's boots should he leave. I would be inclined to agree with you Qwpzxjor1 that we need a bit of experience up front.
  16. Simple question. Which realistic players would you be hapy with? Promising young 'uns like Connor Wickham and Nathaniel Clyne, or experienced pros like Robbie Keane and Jermaine Jenas.... your thoughts please. US
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