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  1. He's a Targaryen, no doubt about it. Buuuuuut still a bastard so won't be king. Everyone likes Jon Snuh too much so he'll be dead sadly.
  2. That would be about 100 threads a minute. "Every toime I click moy fingurs, a new VT thread is added"
  3. Thank you. It's been such a journey. It's the boring thread, and it's boring pointless information that is only vaguely relevant to me. So I like to enforce it on others. Plus it's nice to have some football in my life that doesn't involve my team being poor and losing badly.
  4. I'll have to watch the sequel. The Raid was an 8.2/10 for me. Brilliant stuff.
  5. My team won our 6-a-side division. Very happy with the season. Played 8 Won 7 Drew 1 Lost 0 Scored 30 Conceded 3 Points 22 Goal Difference 27. Not a bad run for us. The lads are delighted.
  6. To anyone who hasn't seen the Raid. Watch it. It's brutally brilliant.
  7. I had macaroni cheese for tea
  8. I hate both of them. Awful characters, Catelyn is just purely a whiner. Arya though, brilliant character and acted very well
  9. People who don't acknowledge you when you clearly let them through when driving when you don't have to.
  10. My team were made Champions last Monday, with 3 goals conceded in 7 games. Hoping to keep it at 3 in 8 next Monday in our final game.
  11. I was expecting Beautiful by Christina Aguilera if I'm honest. Poor show.
  12. Like your face!! I don't think my face amuses anyone.. Scares, maybe I think you are beautiful Oh stop it.
  13. Like your face!! I don't think my face amuses anyone.. Scares, maybe
  14. This thread does amuse me sometimes. Sometimes.
  15. It was more whenabouts they go forward!
  16. The clocks go forward this weekend don't they?
  17. Even my glasses weren't that massive way back when.
  18. Our 6-a-side team gained promotion on Monday. We've not conceded in our last 4 games. We won 5-0 against the team in 2nd
  19. Jeeps have 7-hole grills because they were the first vehicles to go on all seven continents. Interesting. Ish.
  20. build-up-take-down bulldog. A vintage game
  21. Our home internet being shite of late. Petty but annoying.
  22. Where does Mozart's Requiem go? I think that's Mozart's best piece by quite some distance. I think that's when Mozart stopped being his usual self and expressed his soul properly. Beethoven was always a bit of a grumpy bastard by all accounts
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