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  1. We've got Angel Delight in our cupboard. Tonnes of the stuff still around. Clusters though, what the hell happened to them?
  2. Inevitable though innit? It's like death. I don't fear it, I know it's coming one day. A long long way off though the end of the universe. I'll make sure I make it to Milliways.
  3. Its a film that never gets old ...The sadly underrated Top Secret has some crackers as well It's just fantastic start to finish.
  4. This has inspired me to watch Airplane clips. God I love that film EDIT: The Audio is sped up on that unfortunately. Damn
  5. They could run it faster though. I'd like to see a druggalympics with all the banned doped up athletes trying to make the most of their cheating etc
  6. How fast could an athlete run the 100m if on drugs?
  7. Yeah I love Berlin. Fantastic city. Second favourite world city for me, after Roma
  8. Stratus clouds are always good. Won 5-0 at football earlier. Got an assist again
  9. I watched the first episode and it didn't even muster a smirk from me. Does it get better? Really? Yeah it does although thats the kind of humour it has in it
  10. There are still loads of people that haven't seen Arrested Development. Like everyone in my office
  11. I need ton work too. Brain the size of a planet, got to keep it occupied somehow. I really like my cashmere jumper I got Christmas 2012, it really is a godsend. Oh and dark chocolate is an acquired taste. I can normally only have it when distracted or drunk.
  12. I have wonderfully low maintenance short hair. Hair is quite dull though
  13. You know me though Mike. Misery over happiness
  14. This thread is currently in my top 5 threads to read on OT. 1. Amusing Gifs Thread (NSFW) 2. Possibly interesting maps... 3. The Phunnay Internet Pics Thread (NSFW) 4. Things that piss you off that shouldn't 5. The Boring Thread True story.
  15. I still have Everything is Awesome in my head
  16. Smashed in 3 packets when I got in from the pub last night. Mad beer munchies. Bought a multipack of 12 for 80p. Actually fistpumped in the supermarket
  17. I think she's attractive but she strikes me as a complete nutjob
  18. Skips. (the crisps). They always cheer me up.
  19. My mum and dad were both married at my age. To each other, naturally. Now that's dull useless info.
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