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  1. Bit late to the party. However... I'm 23 years old, 96 final was my first sporting memory and I was so bloody chuffed when we won that. However I was there on Sunday and I don't think I've ever felt happier or more jubilant watching something. That was genuinely the happiest I've been watching Villa so I can only imagine how I'd be like if we did the impossible and won the whole bloody thing. There has been an air about the cup 'maybe it's our year ' ever since the 3rd round. Fortuitous late goal and good save against shit opposition in Blackpool. Then a slightly less expected win over in form Bournemouth. Then a revenge win over Leicester. Then the big week where we kickstarted our season with the double win over the Baggies. Then this. We'll probably lose to Arsenal. But I'll be there again cheering on the team hoping against hope. We've ruined Stevie G's party, now let's soil Arsene's trophy stroll as their fans think. And I'd love it, love it if we beat them. Put to rest a few ghosts and mouthy neighbours

    Up the **** Villa

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  2. Watched Guardians on Monday and my god is it good. All the main characters are excellent, although Drax is my favourite. 


    Definitely Marvel's best effort thus far. 


    With regards to excellent comic book superhero movies, Watchmen, Dredd, Avengers, Guardians, The Dark Knight would be the pinnacle of my list. Although Avengers is up there entirely because it's like a dream to see a movie of it.

  3. Yeah according to succession theory it would be Joffrey-Tommen-Myrcella, then as that would be the end of Robert Baratheon's line, it would go to Stannis unless any of them had kids.


    (Mild spoiler alert for anyone who's at the beginning that we shouldn't need anyway)


    Although as we know, the kids are all bastards born of incest so it's Stannis' by right of succession anyway.

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