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  1. Does anyone know if the kids kits come up a little small? My son is 10, he is prob slightly bigger than average and thinking about getting him the 12 (yxl)
  2. I've never seen him play but I've heard he is a good prospect. I assume from your comparison he was playing right back. Was he quick? I see he's listed at 1.75m so not that tall.
  3. So he could be sold to Wolves this month, but he'd still only be able to play for us or Chelsea. Can't see why Tammy would do that though. Let's hope he stays here. If we get promoted would be great to sign him.
  4. Although not particularly friendly, I can understand if other supporters think they're a bit silly or small time. Personally I think it's great that there are a group who are committed to supporting Villa passionately with a desire to create a better atmosphere - I'm all in favour of them. What we think personally about Brigada isn't really the issue though. Standing isn't really the issue either - though in fairness they shouldn't have moved to where they are. What IMO is really the issue is how the club are handling this. It's pathetic that the club have reached this stand off with them. The
  5. I've watched the interviews and read Sherwood's quotes. He's obviously under massive pressure (not least from the standards he sets himself) and he's getting asked a lot about it from journalists. I don't see him as making excuses - just answering the questions authentically and providing context. FWIW, I don't see anything wrong with what he's saying - I don't know what everyone expected? We sell our best players and buy a host of unproven young players with no Premier League experience. I'm sure Sherwood would have preferred a little more experience in the signings, but the club have worked
  6. On the way out of VP today, my friend I go with suggested Allardyce. Now I've sat and watched some rubbish in my time going to B6 and I said that if Allardyce was appointed, he could have my ST for the rest of the season and take his dad if he wanted. After having had some time to calm down a bit and reflect on this, I actually find myself still of the same opinion. The last thing I want is to be relegated, and that should be avoided at all cost. However, I would always want a manager who could offer some form of hope. Hope for interesting, progressive modern football.
  7. Looked very comfortable and assured on the ball. A difficult début having to play in a pressure game at home in 2 different defensive formations. As has been said, his positioning looked off, but difficult to tell if that's a personal weakness or a result of other factors. Didn't look commanding / physical enough to be a typical prem CB, but then didn't look entirely lost or out of place. Was surprised to see his name on the team sheet though!
  8. As ever, totally baffled by the anti-Westwood sentiment here. Technically, he's a very good player - brave on the ball, looks to get the play transitioning quickly, good passer and vision. Defensively he reads the game very well. IMO he's better playing deeper, and a bit less effective going forward. Plays an underrated role - a bit like Carrick in that respect. There are very few English players who play technically like he does. Personally, in my view, the way players like him are rated speaks a lot about English football and English supporters in general (just to be clear, I am English)
  9. Heard his interview and thought it sounded ok. Playing direct to push the defensive line back to eventually create space is not exactly some hair brained scheme after all. Chelsea used to do it with Drogba for example, though in fairness they would try to transition a bit quicker. Ignorant fans don't help though (i.e. boos). Sherwood also had to consider fitness and rotation, so thought it all worked out ok and we were able to come away with some positives but most importantly the win. i don't always agree with Sherwood's tactics but then he'll have forgotten way more about football than I'll
  10. Totally agree with this post. I don't think he's a dick.
  11. Will be interesting to see where he does play when he gets his chances. I wonder if we might see him playing DM as well as CB or even RB
  12. The pivot is basically the central DM who sits between midfield and defense. The double pivot is basically 2 of them, so typically 4-2-3-1 formation. Interesting to hear that this guy has also played as a defensive MF and is good technically and comfortable on the ball I think he sounds like a real prospect and gives us more depth and options. I'm not sure if he'll play as a full back as he sounds more central and Sherwood seems to prefer attacking fullbacks for width. Sounds like a good signing and I'm looking forward to seeing if / how he is used.
  13. I also don't agree that Gestede was bought as a starter, but to give us some optionality. he's taking a step up and will need time to settle, so I don't buy into all this doom-mongering (probably in the wrong place ) He didn't have a good game today, but there were still some positives so I'm happy to see how he develops. If we don't manage to get a main striker in it's not his fault.
  14. Very good today, unlucky not to score, but I think we were unlucky on the whole today. Doing better t CB than I thought we would. Total bargain on a free and looks to be a fantastic signing - well done all involved who managed to get him here. Hopefully will get even better alongside Lescott.
  15. Having been at the game today I thought he was good. Lots of energy, makes good decisions, clever passing with a good range. Think he will be an important player in this emerging, new team. Always baffled at the criticism of him. If you don't like him, and haven't seen this, take a look at this article which does a good job of showing his attributes http://7500toholte.sbnation.com/2015/8/24/9196255/aston-villa-crystal-palace-ashley-westwood-tactics-premier-league
  16. IMO Lescott is a very good CB, who reads the game well, is excellent in the air (including goal threat), and most importantly is very experienced. Think he's a 'winner' and will add much needed depth. He'll be in direct competition with Clark, and I think this will help Clark as a player, both in terms of being pushed competitively as well as learning from a very good CB. It will also allow Baker to go on loan and he needs games so we can see if he can push on - if he can't I'm sure the playing time and exposure, along with his new contract will help us get a good fee for him. By all accounts
  17. Enjoying watching his progress, though wasn't impressed with summer antics. Seems to be maturing physically and starting to have that 'thoroughbred' look - can look so classy on the ball. As others have said he needs to start adding that end product to his game - otherwise, what's the point? But he is still very much developing. Lots of young players have the ability, but most fizzle into obscurity, so in the modern game he needs to look the ethics of players like Bale and Ronaldo if he wants to even have a chance of achieving his potential. Villa aside, in the meantime there probably aren't
  18. I'm flying to Turkey tomorrow evening from BHX so will keep my eye out. Will have plenty of time as still not talking to Mrs RV having booked our flights to coincide with our historic Friday night home season opening match
  19. Couldn't he play on the right of a front three? If we're looking at Lennon / Traoure, could Praet fill that role?
  20. So impressed today on his debut. Just looks so classy. Goes forward and defends with seeming ease. He's good in the tackle, but the best thing about him is the way he reads the game. If Richards had half his ability to read the game he's be one of the best CB's in the game! Really looking forward to watching him this season - top of the Jordan table so far.
  21. In fairness, there were no initial mistakes with team selection. Sherwood said in his interview that Gestede has a bit of catching up to do fitness wise and could not have played 90mins. The same could be said with Veretout. Richardson for Sinclair was just shoreing up the midfield as we tried to hold on to what we got. I think most would agree that the starting line up was spot on, given that Gestede wouldn't last 90mins. Yeah, he said he set up to sit back a bit and absorb some pressure, take the sting out of the game - look to counter. Then he pushed on in the second half. Seems a
  22. I'm always surprised at the criticism this guy gets. Thought he was very tidy today and plays a very under-rated role - I like him a lot. I'm hoping him and Sanchez really push each other this season. Really nice to have good competition in this position, which can hopefully spur both of them on.
  23. For me this guy is more about his potential, so I'm not pinning any major hopes on him too soon. He has good attributes, so I'm hoping he will make it and hopefully we'll see positive development over the season and I echo the comments about being patient.
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