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  1. Just to get everyone in the mood, quality this, almost made me cry, what journey we've had this season, lets hope there is a happy ending!




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  2. 8 minutes ago, imavillan said:

    Around the stadium, i doubt it, as most if not all have been designated for either club based upon location. 

    If you want to meet for a pint or two you would be better off in central London where there will probably be a mix.

    Failing that, its get some cans and find a spot together.

    btw, if you do go for getting some cans, be aware that in the close proximity to the stadium they will only sell you 2 cans per person and you will pay ott for them.

    better off getting a few further away where they will sell you more and they will be cheaper

    Derby mates are at club wembley, so not likely to be in colours, just have to force them in Villa pubs!😜

  3. 1 hour ago, Rob182 said:

    To those, like me, that are driving from Birmingham, what time are you setting off? I was thinking 10ish would be fine. After parking and a short walk to the ground, I imagine it’ll be between 1-2pm.

    I'm thinking of leaving between 9 to 9:30 get their earlyish and soak up the atomosphere around the stadium!

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  4. 59 minutes ago, Bizzzle said:

    Well you guys have successfully put me off going on the train so I am now stuck on a bloody coach.


    The idea of having to stand up for two hours on packed hot train that maybe full of Derby fans is giving me anxiety at least now I know I can sit down in relative comfort plus it’s cheaper on the coach more direct and it’s a 5 min walk from my house to the coach stop.


    I have never been to Wembley and I am going on my own so it’s probably best that I go by coach anyway tbh rather than train hopping. I just hope if it goes all the way to penalties the coach waits!!


    Nah the coach will drive off with empty passengers 😛

  5. Anyone want to swap a pair of expenses paid Champions league final tickets for a pair of Playoff final tickets?

    You just need to contact Zavvi for the details.

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  6. On 17/05/2019 at 10:05, Kingman said:

    Last year they arrived with just 30mins to spare before kick off.

    I used the official coach too last year and had the same experience! Was awful!

  7. The bits I remember more clearly:


    1) Marque signings are not something Villa are going to do - that's unrealistic

    2) PL says that there is an argument for youth vs experience but the way he approaches it is to use young hungry players (suggesting he won't go for experienced/older players "they struggled the year before")

    3) Believes Petrov 19th minute thing has had it's time and could even be a distraction BUT that it has to come from Petrov himself

    4) Lowest point was Chelsea 8-0

    5) Biggest regret was 'something' in the Bradford game - would have been interesting to be pushed

    6) He hasn't heard of the 'bomb squad' but tries to treat everyone fairly so is just going with the squad he feels he will be working with all season (Given is a model pro - yet still not training with 1st team)

    7) He may look to buying more players but who knows "never say never"

    8) Kiyotake was looked at but no offer made - inquired only

    9) He has not set a target for next year

    10) When the time comes he'll look at his own contract with Paul and Randy

    11) He considers last year a bit of a failure but not completely - they didn't do as well as he expected.

    12) From February onwards he was happy with how the team progressed

    13) He has a rough idea of the starting XI for Arsenal

    14) The team against Malaga will not necessarily be the starting XI for Arsenal

    15) If players want to leave for bigger clubs then you kind of can't get in their way

    16) Grealish isn't ready for the first team and needs to go out on loan if that's possible

    17) Won't give squad numbers to kids as it risks making them think they've arrived

    18) Kids have it too easy anyway


    More as it comes to me...


    He also mentioned that the worst part of the job was having to speak with Tom Ross :P

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