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  1. Surprised he's only 31, thought he was older for some reason!
  2. Bye bye!!!! https://www.avfc.co.uk/News/2019/06/03/club-statement-ross-mccormack?fbclid=IwAR2emO1-HGXMfiIZc4Dd3RTz_PcP2rrG2qzKuKySvrdu2AKSGBNogxXNqDk
  3. I really want us to get Leeds in the playoffs, think we'd do them over 2 legs!
  4. Brucie give us a wave! Brucie Brucie give us a wave! Bye bye!
  5. Making my bruce out banner tonight to bring with me to the game tomorrow, i sit lower trinity so should get plenty of media attention and bruce should see it!
  6. Any one buying Fifa 19 the Bruce Out Edition?
  7. He's deciding if to have Chilli sauce or Mayo with his kebab.
  8. Might be back for next season, had been a season ticket holder for 8 seasons, but didn't renew this year due to buying a house and the weekly matches became more of a habit. Been to quite a few games this season and when you don't go often, no matter what result its actually quite enjoyable, I've missed going!
  9. He also mentioned that the worst part of the job was having to speak with Tom Ross
  10. There was an Japanese/asian looking chap in the Paul Lamberts forum tonight, did anyone spot him. Might be his agent??
  11. Just came back from the forum, and really enjoyed it, he actually answered a lot of the questions very well and honest. Got to actually met the man himself and shake his hand, also took a photo with him. Even managed to get him sign my season ticket at the end!
  12. I think sitting in the same room as Lambert I will be too star strucked and forget what questions to ask!
  13. Hi, I'm one of the lucky ones chosen for next weeks fans forum with Paul Lambert. Just wondering who else got chosen? Also if you aren't going what questions would you like us to ask
  14. If he takes a paycut and doesn't play every games then yes, will see his role as a mentor and possible training to be a future villa coach.
  15. Who knows Lambert might have quit for Swansea or Tescos
  16. :thumb: Lambert give us a wave! Lambert Lambert give us a wave!
  17. Sun reports Lambert has quit! - http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sport/football/4347635/Paul-Lambert-quits-Norwich-after-furious-row-over-Villa-job.html
  18. Dear Skysports news who are watchin this forum.................. PLEASE GET GEORGIE THOMPSON BACK ON SSN, SHE IS WASTED ON F1 CHANNEL kind Regards Lainux
  19. R.Lerner should place a bet of all his fortune on OGS becoming next villa manager, giving us a big transfer kitty
  20. Absolutely not. Strike whilst people are over reacting to Sky and Talksport. Back now, lay tomorrow. Hoping the odds will be like 20-1 tomorrow , what are the current odds?
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