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  1. I'm absolutely sick to death of the quality of this paper - this is the second city in the UK and the paper seems to be staffed by children. It daily focus is to sell Jack, entice you with click-bait on any subject and to cause conflict and dissatisfaction at VP. No wonder they've no insight into what is going on at VP - quite seriously, who would confide in these amateurs. I look forward to the next Villa Nazi Salute rehash and the Ranger Friendly review - and they call it journalism, jeese!!!
  2. Tomsub

    Ørjan Nyland

    Because it's a semi final and we've got a fist choice keeper. Personally I'm happy with him starting as he's made some exceptional saves which he doesn't get credit for.
  3. I think Jack's been below his normal self recently with a lot of misplaced passes and as sidcow said, he's starting to get fed-up. He does however need to remember that however good he is he's not going to always beat a team on his own - sometime the simple pass is the best.
  4. Tomsub

    Douglas Luiz

    Agree with this and think this is the way forward. The only thing I'd suggest is that rather than Wes have Kodj who is more likely to turn the centre half and play on their shoulder for through balls.
  5. I sit in the Doug Ellis Upper close to the visting supporters and have a close-up view on our LBs - I think people are being unfair on Taylor. Yes, he's poor going forward and rarely (if ever) have I seen him put in a decent cross (or God forbid a shot!). However, defensively and positioning wise I think he's good (better than Targett). Frequently he covers across the left entre half and clears problems. Last night he was left totally exposed by Hourihane and Trez - in fact, a number of times he was arguing with both players about the lack of support he was getting. It's fine to criticise him but not when he's consistently left two or even three on one.
  6. Tomsub

    Wesley Moraes

    I've been a supporter of Wes but today was just terrible. I honestly wonder whether Dean is obliged to play him or it is within Wes's contract that he's obliged to play. When you're in a team and you can't get an opportunity when your competition is playing that poorly then what must it do for your motivation. Bite the bullet Dean.
  7. I like Him but for a winger his crossing normally is very poor. Sadly, neither he nor Bjarnason will have the opportunity to repeat this in the PL.
  8. So he should've said "new labour ferkin' capitalism" - I'm happy to agree on that.
  9. This happened in 2004 when we had a Labour socialist govt so not sure why this is a becuase of the "Tory ferkin capitalism"? Not sure what it's got to do with football either.
  10. This happened in 2004 when we had a Labour socialist govt so not sure why this is a becuase of the "Tory ferkin capitalism"? Not sure what it's got to do with football either.
  11. Tomsub

    Dean Smith

    I agree on the Carroll point but O'Hare clearly isn't ready and the loan was sensible. We defend as a team and when you've got a powderpuff like Hourihane it's unlikely to be solid.
  12. Tomsub

    Dean Smith

    Interesting and worrying stats over the last two matches: AV Opp Shots 14 27 Shots on target 2 13 Goals 0 6 Wow - two shots on target in the last 180 mins of football!
  13. Totally agree with this and previous quotes asking "what has he done wrong?". OK, the gate issue but if he has mental health problems then shouldn't we be supporting him? Regardless of the reasons, he's a far better player than Hogan and if handled properly would be a real asset. It seems it is only at AVFC that he's failed! Brucie's fault or his?
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