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  1. Yeah, seeing that I suppose I'm wrong here.
  2. The last 7 weeks have brought no wins by my calculations?
  3. I think we should go into any new manager search fearless. The whole club from top to bottom is terrified of getting it wrong. Even if we're cursed, which were not I truly believe there is a manager out there that can provide me with more than this garbage I've been watching for 6/7 years. I don't care whether he's a safe pair of hands or not, can he get professional footballers stringing 3 passes together?
  4. 6 weeks ago was wolves away. I don't remember any chants about Bruce from away fans.
  5. 6 weeks ago I was the saviour? **** off. 6 weeks ago I once again decided I wouldn't be spending a penny on this shit anymore. 6 weeks before that I was seriously asking questions about how far his woeful football would take us without the undoubted luck he was getting. What a clueless deluded man.
  6. Ah so it's the camera angle that makes him turn his head. Got ya!
  7. What's misleading about him turning his head towards the players?
  8. Nobody is going to answer the question then? Just going to mis quote and avoid the actual discussion.
  9. I don't think it is that. I think it's when he brought him back.
  10. Why turn to the side then and not just do it straight down? Why aim where the crowd of players is?
  11. If he was spitting directly at the ground then why turn to the side and not do it down to the ground. It actually goes over the top of the player. This thread wouldn't be in such a mess had people held their hands up and admitted they've been talking BS for years about Westwood. So many myths, so many claims that are just well wide of the mark. Deluded. In denial.
  12. where did i say he spat 'on' a guy?
  13. Were really not actually. Nobody is remotely interested.
  14. Not surprising at all that he missed.
  15. exactly. Squads who are full of journeymen footballers who are happy to play such diabolical football. I have no idea why he has bought the players he has because he has no idea how to integrate them.
  16. We are not cursed. We are a football club that is ran abysmally. Massively overspending and hiring shit manager after shit manager. This guy may have had some success in the past in this league but he is woefully out of his depth here, with players who want to play football and higher expectations. He has absolutely no clue how to stop a rot, let alone turn it round into a winning sequence. For me, he has probably lost the dressing room. Playing such boring football when we really should be romping this shower of shit league. All this 'we need stability' nonsense needs to stop. Yes we need stability but not with the wrong man. You don't put up with shit just because you need stability.
  17. Nothing is improving fast at all. Nothing is even improving. It's getting worse.... at a rapid pace. We're going nowhere. We will still be in the championship in 2020.
  18. No... Bit unsure of your point either way.
  19. Boring man. Boring manager. Boring football. Boring! Win or lose tonight and he will remain...... and the thought of that bores me. Irritating, boring Geordie accent.
  20. Can't think of many games recently that I've given less of a shit about. On nights so il miss it, but that's usually something I'd be bothered about however, Im not.
  21. Was going to say. One of the biggest myths regarding Westwood was this belief that he was some form of model professional. Spitting at an opposition player is certainly not the sign of a model professional.
  22. Claims that he spit at a Lincoln player. Model professional!!!
  23. I've seen him. He was outstanding. Pretty much ran the show for them week in week out. Sign of a good team and a well run club. Lose an influential player and they have an answer to it. We just crumble.
  24. Yeah he pretty much seems to create about 50/60% of our chances single handedly.
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