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  1. i vote sunderland as a destination
  2. Christmas coming early, hopefully he manufactures a bigger club deal
  3. seemed really up for it,hopefully be able to get more match experience to stop this injury, great vision to release heskey to setup darren bent for first of the night
  4. Come on guys this is the mirror hardly reliable
  5. would love it iF AM gets his sorted play him behind bent where he won player of season at man city
  6. villa just go back with 4m deak for him, meet in the middle
  7. ih8bcfc1875


    should make my stay even cheper already going all inclisive at my hotel
  8. ih8bcfc1875


    i believe its now 25 euro, so still cheap enuf to get twisted and pull some skirt
  9. ih8bcfc1875


    well im off to magaluf on sunday for 10days all inclusive, any recommendations looking to visit bcm more than once any other recommendations of clubs and excursions
  10. does any1 know if i can go and watch the reserve game at wba training ground
  11. i feel sorry for this geeza, player that shows heart determination and ability. sent out on loan to another potential premiership team. buys a house near BH and then gets shit on whilst we have pires on our subs bench I really hope we dont have to see another villa player sold and be a great assistant somewhere else, ie Gary Cahill and Peter Whittingham.
  12. we went from the tightest defence last season with same defenders to leakest why scrap them. something big happening
  13. which players do you recon with be there, me thinks, carlos,sidwell,petrov and maybe rich dunne
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