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  1. Our finances need sorting. We need to get back into the black, jack.
  2. You are correct I am on virginmedia who are cretins of the highest order. Now fixed. :evil:
  3. Having problems accessing using my Internet connection using a phone to post this....
  4. I did. It's been like a Diana Death reaction on here since the news of OGS broke last week. As one who would prefere Lambert as he is the best man for the job (club is in no position to be taking the risk that comes with Solskjaer), you only have to see the reaction to those who dare to stick their head above the frenzy and suggest that maybe, just maybe, at this time OGS is not the right man for the job. Its like you have told people you've shat in their kettle. AMazing the power of youtube Just like Arsenal took a gamble on a manager who managed Monaco and then some side in th
  5. The drive up in Digbeth hasn't changed. Is the Custard factory still there????
  6. Is it just me or is the Irish bird Catherine Tate????
  7. If he's such a top manager/man why isn't he at a top 4 club? Or even a top 6 club? Since he left Villa the Liverpool and Chelsea jobs have been made available.
  8. I think given the type of personality he is he has to be 'managed' in a certain way. A boost to confidence will do him no end of good and McCleish handled the shisa-gate twitter photo very well I think - he berated him without actually doing so. I just hope he can keep it up.
  9. I don't post on here very often and I just want to say that AM inherited a very difficult situation. Losing two excellent players in Young and Downing and the upheaval of yet another managerial change. People were upset because he was a Birmingham City manager - yet failed to see that he guided them to their highest ever finish and won them their first trophy. Ok he relegated them - and that is probably the only blip. His success at Rangers is similar to MON's yet because of some sort of untouchable status MON was often given extended stays of execution. We are improving and the football
  10. So I get the Elder Scroll, learned the dragon rend shout and have a fight with Alduin. Does that end the game or is there more?
  11. The new iPhone software update which was supposed to help improve battery life has actually made it worse... Regretting upgrading from a 4 now - if anyone else is thinking of doing it - please don't!! :evil:
  12. I stupidly upgraded from a 4 to a 4S. It's not that much better apart from the gimmicky Siri thing whose novelty lasts for a day and the slightly better camera. Battery life is significantly worse. Since a full charge at 9am I now have 68% battery life left. This is after one brief phone call and checking my emails twice. Oh and will someone please explain the purpose of an iCloud email address? I now have 3 email addresses and I have no use for the iCloud one.
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