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  1. THANK YOU! Mings mistake didn't even cost us because we never converted a single chance we generated. You want to make Top 6 you have to score goals. Love Ollie but he missed a chance that any PL striker has to bury. Our attack failed us vs Chelsea. We were never in it once we went 1 goal down.
  2. God I love this man. Reminds me of the coaches who actually gave a damn about me growing up. That type of managerial mentality is priceless.
  3. Everton's wage bill is 50% larger than ours. They have outspent us last 5 seasons by some £30 million. Finished above us every year since our promotion yet they have the mediocre squad? What does that make ours then? Just compare the squad ages. Everton have the 6th oldest per transfermarket. Villa have the 4th youngest. I believe the owners know we are building something after a decade of mismanagement. Hopefully they are a but more rational than some on here.
  4. The odds of us ever having everyone fit, not in quarantine, or covid+ or stuck in some weird 5 dimensional time warp is practically zero. We should be forever grateful we have some quality depth this season because we are going to need it.
  5. Score 4 Everton so I can post the Arshavin gif.
  6. Thank God. Love Burnley getting burnt again trying to win 1-0.
  7. Whatever we have to pay to make Burnley go away I'll pay it. Absolute negative to the game.
  8. Seriously, what a joke. You could build a lowlight reel 10 minutes long of any elite striker missing chance after chance after chance.
  9. I like this meme. Sell Martinez for £60 million and find someone better. If Lange can't do it, sack him.
  10. This is where I am at. Mistakes or not. I can't think of a defender who I'm replacing him with outside the Top 6. Please don't name a defender from an anti footballing outfit like Burnley. They dont even try to play football. Easy to defend when all you have to do is get rid for 90 minutes.
  11. Fully agree. A good manager has to be flexible and able to employ any number of methods to give his team the best chance of winning.
  12. Just waiting on the 25 yard that the keeper doesn't even try for.
  13. Their is a game in the near future where we start Bailey and Bertrand and it's gonna end 0-0 because those 2 are just going to spend all day megging the entire opposing team.
  14. Seriously it was a free hit. Missing 2 starters and put forth an amazing performance. Can't win them all. Very proud of my squad after that.
  15. Seriously, I'm surprised who little rope our own youngsters get. You could see the quality last season. He will be a £30 million midfielder by the end of the season.
  16. Rightdm00

    Jed Steer

    Jed is the backup for a reason. Did about as well as you can expect.
  17. I'll take performances like this to start the season over what turned out to be a very flukey 7-2 versus Liverpool. We play like this all season and we will improve on our points total from last season. I firmly believe that.
  18. Maybe not your intent but I feel like you're are trivializing a very valuable skill for a midfielder. Tackles and interceptions are what you have to do when you don't collect the loose ball.
  19. Was always an uninspiring appointment. Portuguese Steve Bruce. Why play the game if you're happy with a 0-0.
  20. If it's all about making a profit why wouldn't we sell Konsa or Targett. They are far more marketable given their age and previous cost to the club. Unless the player is truly world class you really don't see high value transfers for players close to 30. Far more likely he goes for around what Southampton got for Vestergaard.
  21. It's not true he is fit and in training. We have moved on to worrying about whether Ings is healthy because he didn't show up in one day of training photos.
  22. Mings is not an ageing player, you need more than 2 hands to count all of his abs. I can go blue in the face listing all the CBs that maintain top flight level of performance well into their 30s. Next to Ollie and Martinez he is the least of our concerns when it comes to upgrading his position.
  23. How are we still on this Football Manager fever dream?
  24. I can't fault that Southgate style produces results but oh man reminds me so much of us under Bruce. Just check the score at the end no need to bore yourself senseless actually watching the game.
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