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  1. that Sausages are going to get their own thread...
  2. I'm really looking forward to going to the game today.
  3. To be fair the answer to the question "what type of alien is Spock", the answer would be just Vulcan though, as Human is not alien to us?
  4. I went into the New St store today and everything is a really tight fit. I fancied the training jacket but the XXL was the only size to fit comfortably across the chest but the arms were crazy long. This was with a t-shirt on beneath, considering there would be a couple of layers beneath during games at winter then I decided to give it a miss. To wear Under Armor gear properly I think you need to be an athlete.
  5. This train carriage I'm in is completely empty except for little ol me. I can do whatever I like.
  6. I'll be renewing. I go to the villa to get some peace and quiet and with all the talk going around about non-renewals it seems next season I could be having my best season ever.
  7. My old ipad 1 has final given up and died on me. Smashed screen, undependable battery and operating slowly. Now it just won't turn on at all. At last I'm now justified in buying a new one!
  8. They became ex the moment I saw what was happening with the whole Bowie death sentiment.
  9. The outpouring of grief that has come with David Bowie's demise amongst some ex-friends of mine (I say ex, as I sincerely wish to never see or hear of them again). This couple, apparently spent the whole day crying in one another's arms with Bowie's entire back catalogue on repeat and suggesting that "it's like losing a member of the family". How is it like a family member died? Did you know him? It's not like you'll never hear his music again, is it? And Bowie still exists today in exactly the same way as he did to you on Sunday, I. E. a source of entertainment to fill your boring mundane existence. They are also considering changing their 9 month old daughter's middle name to Bowie. Please just f*** off now you morons.
  10. I regularly have to berate London Midland on twitter but you just get the standard reply that it's someone else's fault and not their own, which in a lot of cases it usually isn't I suppose. I think they have just agreed a new deal and promised £13m investment in their stock. I doubt 13 million goes very far for a railway operator?
  11. Prawn flavour McCoys crisps. I can't help but buy a packet everytime I see them. They are worse than crack.
  12. First time today since last Wednesday I actually feel sober. A couple of morning Jagerbombs will soon fix that.
  13. I drink too much. I keep thinking about stopping but the pleasure in getting drunk far outweighs the potential misery of not drinking. So I'll carry on.

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