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  1. You should have a paper ticket for the coach too Sigh.. EDIT: Just rung them and the coach tickets are apparently sent separately.. Seems unnecessarily awkward, but meh.
  2. Do they usually send a paper ticket for the coaches or just have a list? I ask because I have the tickets now, but nothing about the coach travel...
  3. I can see us possibly doing this.. As Darren said, we need to keep RVP quiet and we're halfway there.. Though that is easier said than done.
  4. 40? More like 60... Could do with a decent idea for a pub or two though!
  5. Did get tickets in the end thankfully, on coach 52. Away match #3 here I come... Previous ones were Chelsea and Sheffield United last season, I haven't seen a defeat on the road yet! Long may that continue, we lost the 3rd home game I ever went to (pissing Bolton aswell....) EDIT: Actually, the last couple of times I've gone away I've driven, so I've no idea where the coaches leave from, I assume from by the North Stand or the Coach compound that the away lot usually use?
  6. £20.00 return with London Midland if you do not mind a longer journey. What station is that to? I couldn't bloody find it for that cheap. Still, don't think I could do it for that much still.. £20 is a New Street to Euston return, straight through, about 2 1/2 hours. You'd then have to get a tube from Euston to Finsbury Park, can't remember how much that is though. Not much. Check the London Midland site, it's cheaper to use them than Virgin. No booking fee on their site either, which is nice. Regardless though, the OS says "Free Coach Travel is available to all supporters wishing to attend our FA Cup 4th Round fixture at The Emirates Stadium. Official Coaches will depart Villa Park on match day. Coach tickets will not be automatically sent to you and you are asked to BOOK your coach ticket when purchasing your FA Cup ticket" If they turn round tomorrow and say there arent any more coaches left but will sell tickets from this apparently magical neverending allocation, you won't be the only one kicking up a fuss This is true, and I will quote their words straight at them if they decide to inform me of that.
  7. £20.00 return with London Midland if you do not mind a longer journey. What station is that to? I couldn't bloody find it for that cheap. Still, don't think I could do it for that much still..
  8. That's....somewhat worrying. Almost like they're suggesting they have a finite number of coaches available to take, but they have more tickets than seats on coaches! Precisely my thoughts..
  9. God knows... They should have known loads woulda jumped at it though ffs.
  10. To add to the above, I got someone in Birmingham to go ask and apparently all coaches are booked up but they said to ring up tomorrow to see if they're putting more on.. If not I can't really afford to go...
  11. I'm wondering this too, looks like I'm gonna have to take a trip to Brum. :x
  12. That'll happen when our tactics seem to be to lump it forward whenever possible...
  13. General What the hell was the point in not getting any sponsor money in order to shove Acorns on our shirts, if only 2 years after you've done it, we decide we have no damn money and start selling everyrhing and everyone with no further investment!? It's getting ridiculous now.
  14. I'd prefer ----------------Bent------------------- Albrighton--------Ireland--------Gabby -----------Makoun---Petrov---------- Warnock---Dunne---Collins---Young ----------------Given------------------ Althoughhhh, I am tempted to put Heskey in there on the wing to help Warnock out a little.....
  15. So, General, are you looking forward to Championship football in 2012/13?
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