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  1. That'll happen when our tactics seem to be to lump it forward whenever possible...
  2. General What the hell was the point in not getting any sponsor money in order to shove Acorns on our shirts, if only 2 years after you've done it, we decide we have no damn money and start selling everyrhing and everyone with no further investment!? It's getting ridiculous now.
  3. So, General, are you looking forward to Championship football in 2012/13?
  4. The same guy who is first choice now...........
  5. General, When are you planning on coming out of hiding again, before or after we've sold Downing?
  6. I'd say the opposite, it's so clearly fake it's unbelievable. I've given you some abuse on here in the past General (let's face it, who hasn't?), but please don't do anything rash with Downing until something is actually bloody proven. Now, I was angry about McLeish being appointed, as I am sure a lot of fans were, however, the noises he's making I am quite enjoying. If he proves me, and a lot of others, wrong by playing some good attacking football with us rather than the tedious crap he was playing at Birmingham and gets us results in the process, then I will be happy as anything to ea
  7. General, What the hell is going on at our club??? Let's start from the Barry saga. He decided he wanted to leave and go off to Liverpool, fair enough, they had Champions League football and we'd just finished 11th, so we said if we don't get CL in the next season, you can leave. Barry says that he won't leave us for a club without Champions League football... The club talk to him at the beginning of the next summer, next thing we know, he's sold to Man City. Next up we have Milner who had a great season for us, he was happy as Larry at the club, comes for a talk with one of you guys,
  8. General, Do not I repeat DO NOT appoint McLeish as our manager, if you thought the reception to the possibility of appointing McClaren was bad, you have seen nothing yet. If that prat took charge at our club, the board's support would really be at an all time low. Please don't do something silly now!
  9. General, I want to second that. I recall we recently tried to sign a player and the club we negotiated with said publicly how professional we (read you) were. For the life of me I can't remember what player or club that was... Delph - Leeds. Anyway, General please keep up the good work in the search for our new manager, I would just like to know though, if the rumours of Young leaving are true, who exactly negotiated the deal considering we have no manager in place at this time?
  10. He wasn't in Milan, he was at White Hart Lane. But it is still a valid question.....
  11. General... Gerard Houllier's point per game ratio is 1.04, so 1.04 x 8 = 8.32, so another 8 points taking us to 41. The way this season is going, that STILL won't be enough. Please, please, please, get this man out of here!
  12. Agreed with this, General, 100%. I paid £200 for a half-season ticket as I couldn't afford a full one at the time (I still attended the West Ham, Rapid Vienna, Everton and Birmingham games...), yet as soon as I could afford it, I bought a Season Ticket. I was under the impression the board wanted the best for the club, if this is not the case, I'd like my money back, or at least the money for the remaining games back, please.
  13. post deleted. Respect the thread rules. Do not abuse people as you did
  14. Hiya, General.. Any idea on what the expected attendance for the Youth Cup fixture Wednesday night will be?
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