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  1. Southampton just signed Gardos, they have 4 first team centre backs now as it stands. Will that make a difference to them signing Vlaar?
  2. I've been thinking about this whole takeover/non-takeover thing for the past couple of months, and I think we (as a club) are seeing the first casualty of the FFFP. Potential owners know that there is no realistic way of getting a return; the gap between the top four/five teams is too immense to catch up with and get away with spending the amount of money due to restrictions. Football has for many years started to eat itself. There is nowhere new on this earth to get a bigger fanbase. Lucrative sponsorships will only be with the select clubs for the foreseeable. Where else do you get your mo
  3. Got a great double in. Holland to win and Greece vs Costa Rica to draw. 3 Goals in the final two minutes of those games made me £40 off a fiver! Put on Columbia to beat Brazil and France/Germany to draw in 90 mins for today, think its around 13/1 for that double.
  4. I've cover betted on the draw when uruguay scored, put a fiver on at 6's, but yeah i'd rather they got another
  5. Took the double of COL and URU at 2.68/1, £25 on and returns £67....
  6. I have heard of two of those defenders...weak at the back or is it just my ignorance?
  7. Just out of interest, why do you think Lambert has stayed? No other jobs available that he could get? Big financial gain if he sticks with us till we're sold? A promise that he'll be in charge when a new owner comes in (written into the sale agreement as part of lerners terms)? Loyalty to Lerner? With such uncertainty surrounding his job and fans wanting him to go anyway, you couldn't blame him for resigning. So, why has he stayed?
  8. I still think if he was given money, he could spot the right players to turn this club where it needs to be. With a back-room shakeup and football people put on the board, there is still a part of me that thinks he could be a success here. In truth though, I don't think that oppurtunity will arise at the Villa. If he was given another season under new ownership, I wouldn't be that fussed. If he's let go at the end of the season, I wouldn't be that fussed.
  9. Sterling was touted as Liverpool's best prospect for generations before his debut. Shaw is probably the best 18 year old to come through in my lifetime (granted I'm only 26!), has the physique and athleticism of a player in their mid twenties AND plays a position where you could say is the easiest to blood a youngster. Milner was literally the best all round athlete in England at 16. Northern boys cross country champion, offered rugby union and league scholarships AND played cricket for Yorkshire's youth cricket team. He was always going to be ready early. Chambers I haven't reall
  10. I'd start him next game, he's come in and taken full advantage of the oppurtunity given to him. Thought his positioning was pretty much spot on today too, especially covering the space on crosses.
  11. I agree with that list apart from the final game against Spurs, especially if they play with a 4-4-2 like they are at the moment. 3 points from that one I reckon.
  12. I think the commentary said that Benteke had scored the same amount of goals at this point last season? I think he'll eat Olsson and McAuley alive next week. At the same time. Without chewing.
  13. L.A Kings and Sacramento Kings
  14. First point, he will gain experience of playing regular football, the build up, the mental state of playing for points that mean something. It will also help him grow as a player and ensure he is not one of those players who wants to play at this level when he's older. If Lambert didn't like him why did he use him in pre-season, why did he say the boy is talented at the fans forum but says needs experience. The lad is 18 years old, its better for him to be playing than bits of first team football. Bowery wasn't bought on as a winger against Cardiff he was bought on to play up front. Jack will
  15. Away kit looks like Cov's home kit. Eurgh.
  16. Haha, why is Sylla in the back seat!?
  17. My granddad was born in Aston, was offered a contract by Villa in the early 1930's when he was 17 but my great granddad told him to go and work for the brewery instead, as a career as a footballer was short-lived an not that well paid in those days... My Dad grew up in Perry Barr. If I wanted to see live football then he wouldn't take me anywhere else than Villa Park. First game i saw was a 0-0 draw with Leeds, second game was a 0-4 loss to Arsenal. Think it was the 1994/95 season where we almost went down. The season after was great though. That's when I fell in love with the Vi
  18. We wouldn't have signed him if this case was going to in anyway hinder him playing for us.
  19. I've never questioned his talent, it's just his impulses and instincts as a human that let him down.
  20. Bannan is one of those few footballers at the top level that always seems to find space, due to the fact his stature let's him turn quicker and also his footballing brain is about three passes ahead of anyone else on the team. Its wonderful to see such a determined young man making his mark on the first team, his self belief is top notch and channeled in the correct way to succeed.
  21. Quick question: Santa Cruz or Jo? Ive sold Carew for £3mill, I've got the option of taking one of the two on loan with an option to buy, which would you guys go for?
  22. Just watched Nowhere Boy, it's got Aaron Jonhson (The lead from Kick Ass) playing a young John Lennon, which I think he played pretty well on the whole. Kristan Scott-Thomas and Ann-Marie Duff are excellent in it though, and the soundtrack is very good.
  23. Just a quick question on getting outfits. When one of the bullet points say you need to "explore" somewhere i.e Pikes's Basin, do you just need to go to that part of the map or is there something you need to do in particular when you are there?
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