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  1. 10 hours ago, sidcow said:

    Meanwhile Sky TV are camped at the door of Sunderland training ground on deadline day waiting to see if Robbie Keane turns up....  Which he doesn't 

    Not to go too far off topic, but the parallels of Sunderland and us the last few seasons is staggering. Thing is, it seems they're doing it all in one season:

    Scottish manager - tick

    Heavy reliance on one striker - tick

    No transfer money - tick

    Signing Joleon Lescott - tick

    Bottom of the table - tick

    Now to bring it back on topic, my housemate is a Sunderland fan and when I'm showing him the tweets the Dr is putting out, you can see that look on his face we all had last season when we were just waiting to be bought by someone. It gave me a few chills thinking about how it was this time last season. So for it to go from that to this in one season for us... it's unbelievably refreshing to have someone in charge who gives enough of a sh*t to play the transfer numbers and symbols game with us.



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  2. I think that this kind of deal is more for next seasons building, as the management and owner think we'll go up this season. 

    The kid is 19, he's playing for a mid-lower Serie A team on a wage that I'm guessing is peanuts. 

    So if we're talking about stepping stones, say we sign him and he plays well and we get promoted? Would he want to move back to Italy on wages less than what we could and afford to pay? 

    But more importantly, say a Man City or Chelsea take an interest after he's played well for us this season? He's already acclimatised to the English culture, he'll be 20/21 and we'd easily make double/triple on him straight away.

    Or we don't sell him and proceed to world domination.

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  3. The MOTD commentator called him Gana (his middle name and the name on his shirt) at the weekend. Is he too much of a prude to say Gueye or is this what we're calling him now?

    I mean players can put basically whatever they want on their shirts now, it doesn't mean that's how they should be addressed. Kun is just Aguero's nickname but he has that on his shirt. Latin players seem to be able to go with their forenames if they like. Bryan Ruiz just had (has) Bryan I think, Gaston Ramirez is another example. Chicharito for crying out loud.

    I don't see what's stopping English players from putting daft nicknames on their shirts. If a lad can put "Little Pea" on his I think it should be open season. Well, I don't want to see it happen, but I don't see how the league could justify turning down, say, Gabby Agbonlahor, if he wanted to put "Big Cabbage" on his shirt. Although I suppose they don't get many requests of that nature.

    Anyway, this Gana lad. He's good, isn't he?

    I think it's to do with the strained relationship that he has with his father, that's why he uses his middle name on his shirt. I read that somewhere, but could be wrong.

  4. Premier League : Chelsea

    Champs League qualifiers: Arsenal, Man City, Man United

    Relegation: Norwich, Leicester and Watford

    Championship: Middlesborough

    League 1: Swindon

    League 2: Bristol Rovers

    Champions League: Bayern Munich

    Europa League: Valencia

    Best signing: Cech 

    Top Scorer: Aguero

    Biggest Flop: Ogbonna

    Bargain signing: Bamford (loan)

  5. He makes a lot of intelligent runs. Both goals were very good, especially the second. When a striker is scoring at the back post you know they have a natural finishing ability.

    Saying that he should have buried that header!

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