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  1. I have to say I'm in the pro numbers and symbols camp. I mean, when was the last time a January transfer window has been this exciting to talk/speculate/add, divide and subtract?
  2. I'm guessing it must be to with the (lack) of a transfer budget coming up for January? Thats all I can think of, unless he's been caught in contact with other clubs about potentially managing them?
  3. I think that this kind of deal is more for next seasons building, as the management and owner think we'll go up this season. The kid is 19, he's playing for a mid-lower Serie A team on a wage that I'm guessing is peanuts. So if we're talking about stepping stones, say we sign him and he plays well and we get promoted? Would he want to move back to Italy on wages less than what we could and afford to pay? But more importantly, say a Man City or Chelsea take an interest after he's played well for us this season? He's already acclimatised to the English culture, he'll be 20/21 and we'd easily make double/triple on him straight away. Or we don't sell him and proceed to world domination.
  4. The lad looked fantastic at the back in the under-21 championship recently. But that could have been aided by having William Carvelho in front of him to be fair.
  5. Haha, it's testament to the world we live in when we can't even put our own names on the back of a football shirt.
  6. Astute signing if we pulled this off.
  7. I think it's to do with the strained relationship that he has with his father, that's why he uses his middle name on his shirt. I read that somewhere, but could be wrong.
  8. Rudy Gestede, Rudy Gestede, He plays for the Villa, And scores with his head. Simple, yet true.
  9. Snakey Mcsnake was having his medical at a hospital in Manchester when he was spotted, was he not? Sounds like normal procedure to go to a hospital with (part of) the medicals.
  10. Premier League : Chelsea Champs League qualifiers: Arsenal, Man City, Man United Relegation: Norwich, Leicester and Watford Championship: Middlesborough League 1: Swindon League 2: Bristol Rovers Champions League: Bayern Munich Europa League: Valencia Best signing: Cech Top Scorer: Aguero Biggest Flop: Ogbonna Bargain signing: Bamford (loan)
  11. http://www.avfc.co.uk/page/WhosWho Yep, goalkeeping coach.
  12. He makes a lot of intelligent runs. Both goals were very good, especially the second. When a striker is scoring at the back post you know they have a natural finishing ability. Saying that he should have buried that header!
  13. Double negative means you've implied Trent was actually right you know
  14. Apologies if this has been mentioned but If any of you have the time, the downloadable (it's free) pdf on this webpage from France Football Weekly is a great read. Plus it's pretty much Reilly and Sherwood's scouting list. http://tinyurl.com/q8rhq8h Let's play French League prospects bingo!
  15. He really struggles when he's playing on the left side of the centre back pairing.
  16. Get above Newcastle in the league and we'll be fine.
  17. Always seems to have space on the pitch. Obviously has a long way to go in his career but that natural instinct/ability is what sets him apart in my opinion.
  18. Reading RAWK, and some posters talking about signing him up for Liverpool. 1. You don't have Champions League Football. 2. You couldn't afford him. 3. He deserves to be at a top European club (if he does leave). To be honest if he carries on his current form, I could envisage a bidding war for his services in the summer.
  19. I'd certainly take a serious look at Austin if we lost Benteke. He's a good footballer who also scores lots of goals and I wonder if he's still a bit under the radar. Not quite fashionable enough a name for the bigger clubs. Mind you, he's better than Rickie Lambert so maybe that's not the case. Basically, he will probably end up somewhere like Swansea and score lots of goals again. I'd love to see him next to Benteke if I'm honest. I see what he can do next to Zamora so just imagine what him and Benteke in the same attacking line would be able to muster up! Same goes with Bamford, I like the lad's arrogance (and movement obviously). If QPR get relegated then I think we would be in with a shout depending on who is owning us this summer; Austn has also failed a medical in the past so I'd use that as a bargaining chip.
  20. Southampton just signed Gardos, they have 4 first team centre backs now as it stands. Will that make a difference to them signing Vlaar?
  21. I've been thinking about this whole takeover/non-takeover thing for the past couple of months, and I think we (as a club) are seeing the first casualty of the FFFP. Potential owners know that there is no realistic way of getting a return; the gap between the top four/five teams is too immense to catch up with and get away with spending the amount of money due to restrictions. Football has for many years started to eat itself. There is nowhere new on this earth to get a bigger fanbase. Lucrative sponsorships will only be with the select clubs for the foreseeable. Where else do you get your money from to comply with FFFP? Yes, you can be smart (like Dortmund and Atletico have shown) but these are flash in the pan moments for these teams. The "bigger" clubs will just come fishing, they will be able to take them due to FFFP and so the process starts again. We have history yes, we have great facilities, we even own our stadium and area around it. The problem is, growth is not possible for us. So if anyone is blaming Lerner not being able to sell this club, just think: which any potential owner could work with the infrastructure in place in modern football to make a positive difference to this wonderful club? In my opinion, there are few if any.
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