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  1. 11 minutes ago, tomav84 said:

    he has quoted phrases used on social media and forums, so yes, he does look around...where else do you think he got the 'hysteria' he mentioned? because it wasn't from the stands. i'm sure his son feeds the occasional bit of info to him too...just went onto his twitter, his last post was a UEFA B license photo and literally the first 4 replies were "hope you're not as shit as your dad" and similar

    Well, I think the away end at Sheffield United let their feelings known somewhat. 

  2. 11 minutes ago, Mat Kendrick's Dentist said:

    We never put our boots on and we got beat. But that's what the Championship is, you know. We've just got to batten down the hatches and roll up our sleeves. We'll be a lot better next time I can promise you, and we'll be there or thereabouts and in the mix come March I'm sure.

    God that makes me itch.

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  3. 5 minutes ago, gilbertoAVFC said:

    Sorry mate but match fitness is a huge thing in football. He had two extremely serious injuries and when he came back the first time he was clearly not fit enough to be playing, I remember Bruce chucked him in because at that point because we were desperate.

    Last season he played 824 minutes in the Championship, disrupted by injury and often would come on on the wing or when we were preserving a lead. He had no pre-season last season and failed to complete 90 mins one single time. This season his pre-season has been disrupted also with a knock.

    To be at the very top of your game you need longer, sorry. You can ask any professional you wish.

    I agree he was awful yesterday and looks to have perhaps lost some desire (?) perhaps, but fitness and confidence will resolve that I think. It's very speculative to say "he isn't going to be the player he once was". You do not know that, at all.

    Of course I don’t, that’s why I said “I think”.

    But it works both ways: you don’t know if he’ll be the player he was. 

    I can only base it on his injury record and the subsequent performances after these injuries, which is true what you say, he’s never been up to full fitness. Which in my opinion, is because he probably won’t ever get up to full fitness. And that’s why I’d sell if the money is right, mate. 

  4. I think the injuries have scuppered him to be honest. 

    Sometimes you have to cut your cloth accordingly and accept he isn’t going to be the player he once was. If a bid came in for him that was near enough what we paid originally, then personally I’d let him go. Especially if the team in question is a Pulis team, because he isn’t going to shine or get back to his best in that setup.

    “He needs to get up to speed” argument baffles me a bit, his body hasn’t let him get up to speed because maybe, it can’t anymore. How long do you wait? Again, in my opinion I’d let another team take a chance to do that for a biggish sum of money. 

  5. Interesting if it was Henry, seeing as he’s been coaching a 3-5-2 formation with Belgium and that’s what Bruce has been doing all pre season. 

    I’d still want Dean Smith though: plays better football, utilises the transfer market better, buys young players and develops them for a profit (Ollie Watkins the latest one apparently that’s going to make big money for them)....and he’s a villa fan (which doesn’t really hold any bearing on the football side of things but will understand the ethics of the club first hand at least). 

    As an owner, you want a manager who’s on an upward trajectory. Bruce to me is not.

  6. Onomah was an absolute liability today, playing left or in the middle when he swapped with Grabben for a bit. He's played his way out the side with that performance surely?

    Thought the Jedinak sub was a good move by Bruce, finally nullified their big striker in the last ten minutes.

    Snodgrass' energy in the last 20 was also very impressive today too.

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  7. 4 minutes ago, Vive_La_Villa said:

    This isn't fair. He was playing in a team we hardly any creativity. A lot of the time he had to do it himself. 

    We are a much better team because we now have better players and better coaching. Not because Kodija isn't in it. 

    I’m intrigued to see what Agnew can do with him, but if an offer came in to make our money back for him and we are in the Prem next season then I’d probably sell.

    You say he had to make things happen on his own (which was a good thing for last season, due to the lack of goal scorers in the team), but even then he was far too selfish for my liking. And you don’t get that amount of chances to waste/be selfish on in the top tier compared to the championship. I think a top 6 Championship team is his level.

    Realistically though, I expect him to be here next season. And hopefully proving me wrong.

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