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  1. I would take Phillips from Leeds, he’s their best player and would annoy them at the same time. Part of me would take Che Adams as one of two strikers we’d need, regardless of his horrible playing history with the filth, he reminds me a lot of Andre Gray/Callum Wilson the way he plays. Physically strong enough with a good burst of pace that would suit the prem. don’t know if he’s technically good enough for Deans system though.
  2. I’d taken Bowen still, think Smith could do wonders with him. Taylor will get replaced, he’s done well the second half of this season, but even today, he’s the weakest of the backline that clubs try to exploit. Tammy, id try and get on loan with an option to buy, let’s see if he can use that as motivation to improve to a lower prem level striker. CDM, I think will be a foreign name. None come to mind but wouldn’t surprise me if it’s from la liga given pitarchs links.
  3. I think it makes sense letting younger lads with high potential play at an older age group whilst also (hopefully) being taught the principles and style of football that is the same as the first team. Also, being loaned out when it is deemed necessary for their improvement; something I think we have missed the boat on somewhat. On a side note, it's always irked me that the local talent pool in the Midlands is quite evenly spread between the clubs academies, especially in the last ten years or so. Hopefully with the above being implemented, youth scouting and identifying players with an actual football model in mind will maybe give us an edge in attracting the best that local talent has to offer.
  4. Whelan is such a fantastic player to watch these days.
  5. He couldn’t have got booked for deception or else El Ghazi wouldn’t have walked. Two game ban for him will be incoming.
  6. They do a nice triangle with the first passer running on to get the quick flick from Bamford at the end of it. Unfortunately, our two cbs are athletic enough to cover it when it comes their way in between them and our fullback. Leeds are a bit toothless though without Roofe on the pitch and/or in form. They’ll be relying on set pieces and shots from outside the box to progress in the playoffs, it’ll just be their play getting into the final third will be very slick. They played a physical style with a hot tempered crowd behind them today and to be honest I didn’t feel that overwhelmed by it all. Id be more nervous against West Brom who have two much better strikers to contest against.
  7. Konsa at Brentford I'd go for if we go up and Tuanzebe is off limits from United. Think he'd be brilliant next to Mings.
  8. That and the accumulation of injuries they've had. Bielsa's teams always run out of gas due to his constant pressing style, so fatigue and injuries are always on the cards near the end of the season. Also saw that Alioski (sp) got injured in their last game too; looked like a ligament tweak. Er, shame that.
  9. When I find myself in times of trouble, the Scottish meatball comes to me,Spraying balls of wisdom, John McGinnAnd in my hour of darkness he is sprinting right in front of meRunning into tomorrow, John McGinnJohn McGinn, John McGinn, John McGinn, John Mcginn Villa's No.7, John McGinn
  10. I think after that result, some of us as a fan base (myself included) forget that the players involved today and “filled in” have been part of the training regime Dean and his team have set out over the past 5 months or so. They know what to do and more importantly, what is expected of them. We’ve also won three different ways this week. I’m so chuffed to be a villa fan at the moment .
  11. If it is true, I’d go two up top.
  12. Sounds like they’ve got financial issues overhanging them aswell. The pressure mounts for them.
  13. Probably been said on this already, but Bowen at Hull is a cracking player. If we were to go up, I’d definitely like to see him in a villa shirt
  14. Looks like he's taking stuff from the training ground and implementing it on the pitch. Seems like he has a good mindset and wants to learn/improve. Definitely keep him here next season if possible.
  15. His brother is supposed to be a real talent too, Aaron I think his name is?
  16. Reminds me of Tuanzebe, will make wonders for Chester to go to the right of the centrebacks too.
  17. They wouldn’t pay his wages, probably not even a third of them if he is apparently on 40k a week.
  18. I'd look at Jack's key passes stat more so than just assists, most of the time he's playing the ball for the assist, which is normally the harder ball as it''s the one opening up the defences.
  19. He has a wonderful left foot. He has no right foot. It halves his ability and doubles his time on the ball to take passes from angles on the pitch so he can get it onto his left hand side. I don't think I've ever seen him do a one touch pass with his right foot, which, in that deeper position you need as you're the one expected to dictate the pace of the game when in possession.
  20. I think his main issue is that his body position to receive the ball from another players pass is not set early enough, you can see him trying to sort his feet and body weight out far too late to receive and make that quicker pass and keep the tempo going. It also impacts his defending, as by the time he’s sorted his feet out, the opposition have already made a choice (which they would obviously be instructed to in pre match analysis). To me, that indicates a mental block; almost like he’s playing on nerves most of the time. That tackle really has impacted his confidence as a professional.
  21. It will hopefully mean we can play with a higher line in the near future if he keeps improving, especially with the pressing we’ve started doing off the ball higher up the pitch, could really shorten the space for opponents to work in.
  22. Same old, same old? You’re blinkered by Bruceball mate.
  23. Bit chicken and the egg this, were the players hoofball before Steve bruce or has Steve bruce turned them into hoofball players?
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