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  1. I thought Jacob Ramsey looked like he was at the level required against league one opposition last night. He plays a diagonal pass very well, and physically up to it compared to the others (which is to be expected). 

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  2. Biggest sign of improvement for me was the near post run for his goal. Getting into the position to score, that's what he needs to work on more. Hopefully the goal will give him that confidence boost he needs. 

    Like others, I really want to see him succeed, it would be a  great story to go from getting released from Stevenage to scoring in the Prem.

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  3. 5 minutes ago, thabucks said:

    There is no way in my mind we won’t get a striker also. We have decent cover everywhere else across the pitch except up front where we have just Davies, Kodija & Wesley which isn’t enough. Benrahma and this mystery striker. Wow what a window. 

    It might be if we’re playing one up top all season? Though personally I’d go for another.

  4. 1 minute ago, Genie said:

    I did mention it. I'd have not released so many, and signed around 5 or 6 players who can go straight into the first team. Held back some funds to strengthen again in January.

    I don’t understand your logic, why hold back until January to signing more players when they are available now and will get five more months to intergrate into the playing system and squad? 

    And who would have you re-signed from the players released, out of interest? 

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  5. One thing he’s got that you cannot teach is natural quickness and burst, but even at 20 he still looks raw in a fair few areas. Think a loan would be very beneficial for him, just hope his body can take the rigours of a 46 game season somewhere in the championship/league one. 

  6. He has a much better ball striking technique than Tammy, but his heading prowess still needs improvement - Which is fine, as he’s 22 and got time on his side to improve.

    really, really impressed with him so far though, looks a great asset to the team.

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  7. 10 hours ago, brommy said:

    Of all the positions, I think wingers can look the most erratic. Even good wingers can occasionally face a full back who has their number. Instead of improving the skill of consistently average wingers, it appears Smith and company seem to prefer improving the consistency of skilled wingers. I’m sure they’ll try to work on both.

    Agree, especially if they have a fullback behind them that can be involved with the attacking side of the game too, gives them another option to work with, or, use their skill as they'll have more space with the fullback occupying the other fullback/winger.

  8. 1 hour ago, AntrimBlack said:

    No, but we will have to buy one (ie.Philips) either this window or subsequent windows, as backup for Luiz, as we do not know when City will exercise their buyback option.

    Yes, we will be, and it will be within a certain timeframe as buyback options normally have an expiry date. So, with this remit I'm guessing with this new planning and structure we have in place at the club I wouldn't be surprised if they'll be prepared for that eventuality. Either with a backup stepping up because they have developed to the satisfaction of Smith to be a first team starter (Like Poch does at Spurs very well) or they'll get someone else in. Anyway the short term goal is to stay in this league, we are a year ahead of schedule and we're having the most intriguing window in years. I'm going to enjoy the reality first and foremost, the hypertheticals can be addressed and scrutinised later. UTV. 

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