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  1. Rashica is definitely our preferred winger and almost certainly it will happen if no CL league team come in - very unlikely. Brewster is very likely Villa very interested Loftus Cheek is a real possibility. Chelsea will have to be convinced he will play enough Barkley is unlikely A french midfielder is also being assessed As far as i know no-one else is being sought
  2. It's a long season and we will need a strong squad, especially in midfield. Looking much better now though
  3. I think pretty much everything is arguable on here
  4. If Samatta has left we must have another CF lined up surely?
  5. Now we have established ourselves as a top half team he should have no worries about a relegation struggle!!!! Welcome Milot!
  6. This transfer is going to happen this week. The only thing holding it up has been the terms of payment This will be agreed as a matter of urgency IE Bremen need the money quickly!!
  7. Not out of business!! It would have been into administration and all that comes with that but the club would have survived There would have always been a buyer for such a big club!
  8. Please don't hate me I'm usually agreeing with everything you post
  9. There's a lot of moving parts to this deal so I can see why you're skeptical but there certainly IS legs in this deal. Not saying it will get done but it's now looking pretty likely!!
  10. Speak for yourself!! I for one knew about him beforehand
  11. You have to spoil it don't you!!! Actually he is pretty good
  12. Dave Jenkins (pretty reliable usually) has posted on Twitter that an agreement has been reached with Bremen for Rashica
  13. No 1st class on short haul routes these days!!
  14. In June I was involved in a car accident in Welwyn Garden City. The taxi driver for my journey home was a Kosovan football fan. i mentioned then that we had been linked to Rashica and he told me we would be getting "One hell of a player"
  15. Don't know if Rashica is on that aircraft but it hasn't left Bremen yet
  16. Not just you. I can vouch for that!!!
  17. Whatever happens now, this has been a great window
  18. Hope she's not a V'Ter or we may never hear from you again!!!!!
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