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  1. If we are selling him we must have a non-contract player lined up
  2. It's been reported he's playing tonight in Wolves Europa league match
  3. Not concrete (I don't mean Ron), but just something I heard on Saturday. It sounds a bit far fetched though to be honest. Usually reliable source though.
  4. I think you might find it is actually, but not for anything like 60m
  5. It seems pretty certain Benrahma will happen. I reckon we probably haven't mentioned the striker and I don't think for a minute Kodjia will leave
  6. Gregg Evans saying Villa have no serious interest in Diagne
  7. Of course we don't know how it will work out but we have given ourselves the best chance of a good season. I don't think anyone can disagree we have had a superb transfer window and Thank you to the owners for that. It's now down to Dean and his team to produce. I'm confident they will UTV
  8. Leao has signed for A.C.Milan as far as I know, so not him!!

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