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  1. Well we've got to think about finishing above the likes of Brighton,Palace, West Ham, Newcastle, Southampton etc.for a start and then look upwards to Burnley and the likes. We have owners who want to take us to the top. We have the where with all . We have started the journey. We do not need to be negative, this is going to be an exciting time to be a Villa fan over the next few years. A little bit of "Cup half full" attitude will go a long way. This is no time for pessimism!!!
  2. 17th and a cup final was acceptable last season taking consideration of everything that happened pre-season, but for a club our size with aspirations to return to our former heights it would not be acceptable again. Great strides forward need to be taken ( and will be) We need to be much further up the league to further attract the sort of signing we will need to step up again. We WILL get there!!
  3. Alas I think you're right Unfollowing as i speak!!
  4. Only 20 followers i think so probably fake
  5. Yes, played as a winger for Brentford before moving to CF. Think he did the same at Exeter
  6. I wouldn't touch Deeney with a barge pole. Not only is he a Nose, he doesn't score either. If goalkeepers stood upright when he takes penalties he literally wouldn't score at all ( apart from against us of course)
  7. I think the CBs will be just fine. The problem before lockdown was that we didn't defend as a team, far too much room in front of the back four timr after time. Luiz was a changed man after the re-start and Hourihane too took much more resposibility. We looked far more compact and the stats agreed with that. The structure is more important than the individual players
  8. I agree with you but if Luiz gets hurt on the first day who would fill the void if we don't fill the void. Or would DM be a position you would spend £30m even though we had Luiz coming back later. That is why I'm saying the bench is so important and some of our 1st teamers are not good enough for the bench. It's a tricky problem
  9. But I'll bet some of them do go. They will want 1st team action at least the younger ones
  10. I never said we should not buy quality for the starting 11
  11. You talk about pushing the 1st team starters to the bench but we could well end up selling the likes of Trezeguet, Samatta Jota Nakamba, Taylor and loaning out Davis. Obviously players like Lansbury will be sold and then there's not much left to be called squad players
  12. We have to have squad players that are better than we have. I'm not saying that we should spend our budget on squad players ,of course we must buy quality. Quality probably means we will get 4 players max for the £100m that has been bandied about. That is fine but it will not address the subs bench situation A) Because of the 5 subs rule and B. Because some of our current back up players will leave. We have to be sensible about this, it's not all about the 11 starters
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