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  1. I'm afraid he will. Just as frustrated as us fans knowing this diabolical bias goes on week after week!!
  2. Don't know whether this has been mentioned but the ref's from Manchester!!! That can't be right can it?
  3. Ahem 6-1 actually. Did you miss our amazing late comeback climaxed by AEG's penalty. If the game had gone on a bit longer ........
  4. I think that sums it up perfectly if we want to move forward ie top 6 We need to make more chances and at the present we don't have the players to do that consistently
  5. There was a rumour a few weeks ago that a Premiership footballer was addicted to pain killers!! Makes you think doesn't it!!! I can't remember where i saw that rumour now. Did anyone else see it?
  6. Sadly that must of been right! Rumours that Engels injured him in training yesterday
  7. Apparently Sky have said he's playing
  8. Some of the comments on here to night are laughable. Really, some of us should give our heads a wobble. OK, not a particularly good performance but we didn't lose. OK Newcastle are a poor team, but suddenly apparently everyone is crap and not worth the shirt. Hang on We are one season from nearly being relegated and we are now safe with 12 games to go. We've been without a couple of our best players and have a dip from the very high standards we've set and everyone is acting like this ( not everybody actually) Come support the lads and CALM DOWN
  9. In one of them they had 3 sent off!!!
  10. You won't go down with 38pts so no it isn't
  11. Well actually we have picked up 4 points from 4 games without Jack and that is not relegation form!!
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