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  1. Only if you sign up right now for fitting in August
  2. When have ever got anybody from Dundee Utd that was any good?
  3. Like to re-consider after that first half. I'm sure he will accept your apologies!!!!
  4. Might not?? This is terrible news Swoop I say Swoop now and keep swooping. I think I may be losing it It's all got too much for me!!
  5. What do you mean " Yes"? Swooping?, Bidding? Preparing? Which is it?
  6. Have we started our swoop for someone before the window slams shut or are we still preparing a bid or are we keen on anybody?
  7. Twitter I'm afraid so that's why I asked the question. Probably rubbish but it has been reported there was an agent at BMH this morning meeting Suso!!
  8. Suso trying for Alcacer?? Anybody else heard this?
  9. I have seen him play and I'll wager he will be in the 1st team squad possibly as soon as the end of this season.
  10. ok I realise this is supposed to be funny but it just isn't is it? Really don't need this kind of humour
  11. Not ITK any more so really just a gut feeling - sorry
  12. Giroud won't come to us He'll go to Inter eventually
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