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  1. Watkins,Ings,McGinn, Ramsey Christ what a team They've got no chance.
  2. Utd fans seem to hate Dean even more than we do! He'll probably make up with them on Saturday
  3. Well that's a good idea isn't it? NOT
  4. I am so excited with the Academy players coming through now. It has never been better. We have some real top talent and a few of them will be pushing for a 1st team place very soon, a couple already are. This club is really on the right lines. The future has never been brighter!!
  5. Wolves A, Leicester A Southampton A Chelsea H Spurs A Sheff Utd H for instance were all games that we could have lost but ended up winning
  6. You might not want to believe it but Villa knew well before the Euro's that Jack was not staying. The players you mention were bought with that in mind. Smith has even said as much. As for a CDM it has been pretty obvious for years now that Smith does not set his teams up like that. We all have different ideas of how we would like to play but at the end of the day it is down to Dean himself. In his time here he has earned the right to be trusted in this respect. I'm sure the club has tried to sign players, some of which got to the media and some we have no idea about. It is pointless moaning about who we didn't sign and whether we think we are now stronger or weaker. We will soon have all our players fit and can get on with winning some games. Let's all get behind them and have a great season
  7. I think it is a bit daft to loan Guilbert because no way does Cash get through the season without being banned. His game will always mean Yellow cards. I wouldn't change him though
  8. So typical of who? Not NSWE They have backed us 100% Relegation scrap Oh dear What a load of twaddle
  9. Sky Sports News reporting Weston McKennie offered to Burnley!!!!!!!
  10. And more importantly Watkins We've really missed him
  11. Your opinion and of course you're entitled to it, but not many Villa fans would agree with much of that
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