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  1. You just might be right. I'll take that anyway!!
  2. I wish you hadn't said that!!!
  3. I think the team spirit and camaraderie is back and Jack being captain may have a lot to do with it. A settled defence, a midfield where players are performing in their preferred areas, it's all fallen together quickly. No excuses now. If you look at everyones fixtures we should finish 5th and play Albion. The match at the Hawthorns was a much better indicator of those two teams capabilities than the one at VP. Prepare for Wembley!!!!!
  4. Thug jailed for 14 weeks, suppose that means he'll serve 7 weeks. Well that's shown him!!!
  5. You won't last on here with all that positive talk!!1
  6. Great fans we have don't we, just when we need them most!!
  7. How many times are Albion going to get away with cheating at the end of games? Unbelievable!!
  8. pintpotvilla

    Tom Carroll

    He's a taxi driver in Glasgow now and not in good health! Very sad. My mate is good mate's with his son Ross
  9. Remember that night well. You're right I don't remember any booing, just the feeling we'd blown it. Great game though against a very good Ipswich side. Super Eric Gates goal at the Witton end but we had the last laugh!!
  10. Hope you know the match is on Friday!!
  11. With that the news comes through that the Hogan deal is complete. Panic over!!!
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