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  1. In fairness I think most clubs are in that sort of position, but as you say that certainly doesn't mean they have FFP problems.
  2. Definately need a DM as well probably cost up to £20m to add to that!!
  3. Yes absolutely. Do you remember his performance at Villa Park- amazing!!
  4. Yes exactly. He did indeed say that. You are spot on He's gone mentally, wouldn't touch him with a barge pole!
  5. You may well be right about our interest in him but Dunk is absolutely NOT shite!!
  6. Stop saying this it's freaking me out! It will NOT happen-ever!!
  7. Is it me or having looked at the fixtures they just don't look that daunting!!
  8. Listening to Simon Jordan on the subject of FFP he explained that the actual amount paid for a player does not immediately affect the balance sheet as the player becomes an asset on one side and his cost a negative on the other side. It is the wages and amortization that affect FFP. amorization means that a players asset value is written down by dividing his cost by the length of his contract. Therefore this is the type of calculation the club would make when working out how much they could spend in terms of transfer fees paid. And breathe!!!
  9. From what they have already said I believe our owners want more than just staying up. They want to compete in the league. I'm sure money is no object now and they are well versed in running successful sports franchises. These guys mean business. They have bought the club cleverly and at the right time and they have had that bit of luck ( promotion through the play-offs) and they will grasp the nettle now. Since promotion the club has acted in a totally professional manner, releasing players that could not have taken us to a new level. Now we are linked with an expensive goalkeeper when fans are thinking we have a good one anyway. Well this is telling me where the owners are trying to be. It will be very interesting to see what actually happens with regards to new players but these guys are not messing about. Expect some big figures! We are Aston Villa and Aston Villa are back-Big Time!!!
  10. I well remember Trevor Hockey's debut for Villa. His first sliding tackle was so late the player had gone before he got there! There was an audible gasp. Happy days!!
  11. No way will our spending be capped at £50m. You can probably double that. Just buying the loan players will be close to £30m
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