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  1. Not really incorrect. The player will have the final say. However of course Villa do not
  2. And Luiz & Trezeguet & Martinez
  3. At 7.15PM would have been best!!!!!
  4. In fairness Villalad21 it would be quite remarkable if you were confident about anything positive that we do!!!
  5. Of course we have had the advantage of not playing European games like quite a few of the teams, allowing more recovery time This may not be the case next season ( hopefully )
  6. You did watch the Arsenal game? We were electric on the break
  7. A lot of people on here noted the weakness of our bench on Sunday. If Wesley gets fit then our bench will look stronger for that. It's probably where we need to add to in January because it's a long season
  8. West Ham and Brighton I mean of course!!
  9. We didn't struggle too much against them last season. Unbeaten in fact
  10. Wow 4 out of 7 clean sheets and he's low on confidence?? Don't think so, a future England centre half for certain
  11. When was the last time 2 Villa players were on the pitch at the same time for England?
  12. But isn't it nice that this time we don't actually have to!!!
  13. Absolutely spot on, I thought the same myself, let's hope the result is the same!!
  14. So we're going to drop down the league then - I don't think so
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