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  1. Russia v Republic of Ireland - Post Match Interview - Richard Dunne http://tinyurl.com/43fpx8k
  2. £1.3 trillion in various guarantees and investments behind the banking system in order to avoid the consequence of its fall. £863 billion public debt & counting A large chunk of our tax income is gained from the financal (pyramid debt selling ) sector, so we can expect that to fall . If the Torys get in Brown will have left them in the crap .The cuts in public spending will have to be brutal or our credit rating will have to be downgraded from AAA, insuring that who ever wins will be so unpopular that they will only be around for one term.
  3. link Might be heading for a downturn in Feb 2010.
  4. The British taxpayers about to get mugged again. The market nearly crapped itself there.
  5. I think we may be getting some bad news about the Dollar soon.
  6. I wonder if the cupboards are bare in London ? Maybe they are trying to buy one or two bars before the Chinese army turn up looking for their Gold. Gold price link
  7. Now that China can get rid of it's US Dollars for a basket of more stable currency's , is this the point that the US takes a back seat and China starts to lead?
  8. Bernanke looks more nervous with each interview he does.
  9. link We definitely haven't seen the last of compulsory ID cards.There is a real desire to make this happen.
  10. Basically yes, a good indicator of how badly businesses are suffering is how easy it is to obtain trade credit insurance. Trade credit insurance is bought by suppliers of goods or services to a business to protect them against unpaid invoices in the event that the business is unable to pay its suppliers.The scaling back of credit insurance can put substantial pressure on a company's cash flow because suppliers often demand a change in terms to continue delivering goods, such as payment up front or cash on delivery. Claims were up by 166% to a record £316m in the first quarter after companies were hit by a wave of insolvencies during the recession.This is only going to make trade credit insurance harder to obtain or prohibitively expensive. A good example of how this can affect any business is relating to the problems Threshers are currently experiencing. link
  11. link We are only putting off the inevitable high inflation and eventual mega crash.The world should have let the banks fold.
  12. link P.S. leviramsey you are hopfull, i dont think the US Dollar will be quite the same in 6 months.California is already issuing IOU's and you have pased the crippling H.R. 2454: American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009. I dont think the UK will be too far behind the USA under the expert guidance of Gordon (going down with the ship) Brown. link China might go down the plug hole too.They are massively exposed by underwriting American borrowing and are trying to swap has many Dollars for the basket of world currencies. Have you noticed the state sponsored shopping trips and wholesale purchase of raw materials paid for in Dollars over the last few months.
  13. The hippies/druids would do well to remember to drop to the ground and roll away from the taser. link or they could wrap themselves in foil, but it might be a bit warm for that.
  14. link The Government are not spending TARP money to support the economy. They are robbing the American people blind and laundering the money through switzerland. The Italian government stand to claim 40% of $134 billion in fines, for illegal transport of money. Trust greed to catch them out. This is a massive story, the illegal transport of USA TARP money.This is only being reported on a few news sites on the web.
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