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  1. NBA League Pass is £25 a month and you can watch every game from every team No unfair bias for fans of smaller / bigger teams Even if the games are on network TV they're still available also* £25 is still reasonable money, but not extortionate imo Something like this would have been easy to copy, and they've got it wrong for me. (*sure BT and Sky wouldn't let this bit happen...)
  2. CottenM

    Keinan Davis

    The injury to Wesley is an issue, because we have a striker on starters wages we'll still be paying, and if we buy another striker, when he does come back suddenly we're overloaded in that position. Davis would in theory be ok as a third choice in my opinion, he's shown some ability, needs to improve if we're going to be pushing on as a club though
  3. I say this every time it comes around (all too frequent in recent years) Slaven Bilic! Did a good job with Croatia, his club record might not be brilliant but, he is in a rock band... And he looks pretty cool. And isn't Scottish.
  4. ... and yet, we only conceded after he went off. I have a rock that keeps tigers away...
  5. CottenM

    Joe Bennett

    I think a haircut would vastly improve Joe Bennett as a player.
  6. CottenM


    Excellent post by The_Rev a page back, makes it a little clearer. I can't see Newcastle and Norwich both getting the win they need to leapfrog us. Hoping for a positive result in the Swansea - Wigan game tonight obviously but not the end of the world if they win, just needs one team to finish below us. We SHOULD be ok, enough teams below us that all need to get points.
  7. We should never have sold Steve Sidwell, with a win percentage of 53% officially the greatest ever Villa player of the Premier League era. (and probably all time) I didn't need win percentages to tell me that though...
  8. I'd suggest that with Big Barry's raw crossing ability from the middle of the park, and his 2% better success ratio from corners than the former Crewe* man, he should definitely be starting every game. As we saw in the season when Liverpool adopted the "moneyball" method and snapped up Henderson, Carroll and Downing, the statistical approach is one that works well. Its interesting because from watching the matches myself I'd say he offers very little going forwards or backwards. Which is in fact, wrong. *this isn't knocking Crewe's fine academy or Westwood who has had a decent season. J
  9. SO, ANY TRANSFER SPECULATION? Yeah, I put capslock on, thats how serious its got.
  10. So, all the people that reply to Con with his Barry Bannan and Kyle Walker antics.. You do realise that, I mean, the clues in the name surely? Con.
  11. CottenM


    Am I the only one secretly enjoying being in a relegation battle? I mean, I don't want us relegated but its nice having something to play for... No, just me?
  12. Good points GarethRDR Do we know what counts as a successful cross? I bet the high hanging one to the edge of the box that Benteke barely gets his head on and it goes out of play that count. I'd prefer an "unsuccessful" one in to a dangerous area that forces a defender to put it behind Don't know what happened to Barry, used to have a great set piece if nothing else, not really sure what the point of him is right now. Shame.
  13. Looked like he was told to go and do a marking job on Lucas, which I thought he did reasonably well. And looked as good on the ball as anyone in this game (thought Westwood was unusually poor) Trouble is it seemed to make Liverpool play the early ball in to Suarez or Coutinho to some success. I'd like to see him play deeper in front of the centre backs and stay there, stop the danger men getting the ball in space so much.
  14. "People need to realize its all about the money and Norwich are small time" "Norwich have agreed to sign van wolfswinkel from sporting for £8.5m"
  15. The spelling of sentences. No capital on God. Filling a Paul Lambert thread with non Lambert posts. The assumption that we are getting relegated. There's probably more errors, I apologise, but those darn dots really cut deep.
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