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  1. Turns out his been drinking Danny's water.
  2. Does he still play football for a living?
  3. Time to move to other football? I no longer care about his existence
  4. Welcome Gil you're now a small fish in a big pond
  5. heard from the grapevine that, Gary Megson will be given a month rolling contract until a replacement can be found.
  6. Wolves actually have what appears to be a very good midfielder in the bloke call Milijas, who was the captain of his team (for 3 million). I never really knew anything about him to be honest but when i saw the speculation (we were also linked) i was wondering if it would be another case of foreign player escaped becaused of O'neill being "cautious". I will repeat i didnt know anything about him, but i'd rather have spunked 3 million on him than Heskey or HAREWOOD!!! Watch him have a stormer of a season and his value shoot up thus being unattainable to us IMO. Against West Ham Wolves actually p
  7. Wolves Beat Wigan! Get Mon OUT NOW! :yawn:
  8. Guzan should be. Drop big Brad and bring Little Brad to the stage
  9. this goes well with villa 2! but u reckon that might piss the rangers off????? raobbing there player and there song
  10. How Much Money will we Have to spend in the summer? If we dont get europe? and how much if we do? im gonna say. 1 last 25 mill spree then try to settle a team
  11. I Just seen M ON in newcastle, i know someone who works for thr team saying he is thrashing out a deall with him for the summer
  12. Hey General, As a Employee of Villa, I was wondering if your gonna come down to the holte end box office and say hi? while we are in our porta-cabins. Love the ideas with the hotle Carpark and hotel that i have heard. keep up the good work - only heard great things about you..
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