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  1. Here is a link to a video focusing on Chukwuemeka's game against Reading recently which some might find interesting. Seeing Chukeuemeka's contributions like this does highlight areas for growth which perhaps I as a non-professional miss when watching a game. I just remember the great parts where he brushes past people or makes some cute passes. He's an exciting prospect but still needs to develop his game before he is properly ready for the first team.
  2. Fulham's website says they are not showing it and there is no mention of it on the Villa site so I'm guessing not.
  3. Koopmeiners reminds me of Ronald Koeman back in his playing days. Great passer and free kick taker, plays DM or CB but has absolutely no pace. If he was to come to Villa we would need to be set up differently so that his lack of pace wasn’t an issue.
  4. In my opinion: Smith's doing a great job. Great summer signings. Players are generally well coached, improving and increasing in value - actually if you are the owners or CEO this is a key point Club has improved its playing performances enormously from last year and we are currently on course for a league table position most fans would have bitten your hand off for before a ball was kicked at the start of the season. Have we just been through a phase of playing very poorly? - yes Are there some mitigating circumstances? - possibly It seems to have come after th
  5. Looking at the positives: Back four apart from the goal looked pretty solid. McGinn looked buoyed up by his Scotland exploits. Trez, Davis & Ramsey injected the urgency and energy we have been missing from matches since the Burnley first half. Smith changed tactics and personnel and reaped a handsome reward. Watkins got a goal which should help his confidence. At least if Luiz keeps playing like this we shouldn't lose him to Man City. Traore who I thought tried all game but for the first seventy minutes was not really getting anything to come off suddenl
  6. One of the big differences one of the Villa coaches highlighted in a recent interview on Villa TV between U23 and EFL games is that for the U23 the performance is the most important thing and the result is secondary. Of course in the EFL the result is everything. The focus on performance at U23 level represents part of English football coaching revolution of the past 20 years? as we attempted to develop more technical players and close the technical gap with players from Europe. I think that Delaney often doesn’t play his strongest team or plays players in a position which is not t
  7. I agree with you that football has moved on to a certain degree but you are wrong about England players not having EFL experience. Here is a link to an article that makes the point that 24 of 30 England players in a recent squad had a significant spell in the EFL as part of their development.
  8. I think that depends on how well Wesley comes back
  9. Wesley has one leg that is significantly shorter than the other. That’s why he limps when he walks and has a slightly odd gait when he runs. I imagine it’s quite a complicating factor in his recovery. It was also mentioned a few months ago that he had some complications after the surgery that meant he was delayed in returning to Brazil by 8 weeks. 8 weeks sounds like some pretty serious complications to me. Smith said that the COVID outbreak had put Wesley back 10 days so that makes him about 10 weeks behind schedule just based on what is in the public domain. Villa fans need
  10. I’ve had COVID recently and one of the common symptoms is to totally lose your appetite. I also had acid indigestion all the time. As a result I lost some weight. I thought Targett looked like he had lost weight against Man City. I suspect that he was one of the players who was more affected by COVID. Which might explain why he went off tired. He did have a great game while he was on the pitch. Perhaps the weight loss helped! Really dogged defending, some great 1 on 1 duels won, blocked a lot of crosses, brilliant positional play and bailed out the rest of the defence on more tha
  11. Great performance by the boys despite losing. However, we need to not get it out of perspective. These players showed that they are not yet ready for the premier league. It was boys against men even if the boys did work incredibly hard. Physically so many of them could hardly run because of cramp by the 60min mark. That just takes time to develop physically and training. As someone else has written some of these won’t make it even as professionals. Bear in mind some of our best prospects were training with the first team and so ineligible. But they’ll always remember that game.
  12. According to google translate what Douglas Luiz says in his Twitter post is: I see this video I can't believe it was a penalty, I always support the fairest football, with fewer mistakes, but then I stop and see these types of moves. If we have VAR to help, LET'S start using it CORRECTLY, these mistakes can define the future of clubs!
  13. Well sometimes the manager is trying to put a spin on events so their statements for the press aren’t actually their real judgment. Mourinho for example has his messages he wants to get out there. He is also often trying to play mind games. Bruce isn’t as Machiavellian as Jose but he is always aware of casting himself in a positive light with his messaging. Smith comes over as more straight forward than that at the moment. I think you could tell he was feeling the heat before lockdown though.
  14. Good to watch Dean’s press conference in the lead up to the Burnley match. He doesn’t create a lot of headlines with his remarks but he has a very measured judgment of performances. He described Jacob Ramsey’s performance as ‘steady’ highlighting that he had some good touches but had also been dispossessed a couple of times. Dean said he was pleased that Ramsey hadn’t been fazed by being dispossessed. When asked about Martinez he praised his character and attitude. He also said he would have expected Martinez to have made all of the saves against Wolves except for
  15. Thanks everyone - I did mean Kieran not Kevin of course! Gone back and fixed it now.
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