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  1. Great performance by the boys despite losing. However, we need to not get it out of perspective. These players showed that they are not yet ready for the premier league. It was boys against men even if the boys did work incredibly hard. Physically so many of them could hardly run because of cramp by the 60min mark. That just takes time to develop physically and training. As someone else has written some of these won’t make it even as professionals. Bear in mind some of our best prospects were training with the first team and so ineligible. But they’ll always remember that game.
  2. According to google translate what Douglas Luiz says in his Twitter post is: I see this video I can't believe it was a penalty, I always support the fairest football, with fewer mistakes, but then I stop and see these types of moves. If we have VAR to help, LET'S start using it CORRECTLY, these mistakes can define the future of clubs!
  3. Well sometimes the manager is trying to put a spin on events so their statements for the press aren’t actually their real judgment. Mourinho for example has his messages he wants to get out there. He is also often trying to play mind games. Bruce isn’t as Machiavellian as Jose but he is always aware of casting himself in a positive light with his messaging. Smith comes over as more straight forward than that at the moment. I think you could tell he was feeling the heat before lockdown though.
  4. Good to watch Dean’s press conference in the lead up to the Burnley match. He doesn’t create a lot of headlines with his remarks but he has a very measured judgment of performances. He described Jacob Ramsey’s performance as ‘steady’ highlighting that he had some good touches but had also been dispossessed a couple of times. Dean said he was pleased that Ramsey hadn’t been fazed by being dispossessed. When asked about Martinez he praised his character and attitude. He also said he would have expected Martinez to have made all of the saves against Wolves except for
  5. Thanks everyone - I did mean Kieran not Kevin of course! Gone back and fixed it now.
  6. Actually I forgot about Drinkwater - I would put him in the place of Holman - an absolutely shocking footballer while he was at Villa
  7. Formation 4 - 4 - 2 Goalkeeper - Peter Enckelman - I think he could be on this list just for this mistake. He came to the club as a 21 year old from his home town club in Finland with no expectations. A few years later however, his stock had risen such that he became the Villa no.1 when Taylor (MkII) sold Schmeichel. EWhatever he had shown Taylor on the training pitch was never obvious on match day and despite hoping he would grow into the expectations of him, Enckelman never really convinced as a premier league goalkeeper but somehow made 52 appearances for us. He never really recovered
  8. Thought it might be a bit of fun in these happier times for us as Villa fans to think back to some of our darker moments. So my challenge for you is to come up with your worst ever Villa team. A few rules: The player has to have played for Villa in the last 20 years. There are plenty of terrible players to choose from in that time period and it makes it easier to compare them. Your team has to have a recognised formation. Each player in your team has to be playing in their recognised position. You have to give a justification for why each player has made it i
  9. I don't know if there is anything in the speculation but I can tell you a little bit about Marcus Edwards which I have gleaned online. Marcus Edwards is 21, English and plays for Vitória de Guimarães in Portugal. He signed for them last season from Tottenham where he supposedly had an attitude problem and failed to make the breakthrough after making his debut at a very early age. Pochettino likened him to Messi when he was about 17 which was a remark he came to regret. After a disastrous loan spell at Norwich in 2018 which was ended early after just one appearance. He spent the 2018
  10. mallett

    Louie Barry

    I asked where he was in the academy thread. He wasn’t at the Wales camp and apparently only got back from holiday in the middle of it. Nobody on here knows why.
  11. Marcus Edwards is left footed but plays on the right and cuts inside onto his left as Smith prefers his wide forwards to do. I think he has got the talent to succeed the question mark is over his attitude. However most of the suggestions I have seen on here have been right footed wide players so Edwards is an affordable alternative with scope to develop. Don’t know Wijndal but open to being convinced. I wondered about Butland. Keepers need a really good mindset. Carson wasn’t the same player after his blooper for England. Despite that I would be tempted to get Butland in
  12. Well I am bored. I wonder if it has been long enough that we can once again start listing players we would like Villa to sign during the window - like we were doing much earlier in this thread. My revised list based on recent rumours for £100m: Odsonne Edouard £30m - pace, counter attack threat, goals, dead ball threat, striker Benrahma £25m - LW - Jack may well want Villa to have a viable option for the role so he can move to his favourite position of 8 (and so Southgate doesn't keep comparing him to players like Sancho) Ethan Ampadu - £17m - DM/RCB - £17m - covers /
  13. Barry isn't listed as one of the youngsters in Wales on the official site link but Philogene-Bidace is. Wonder why the delay? The youngsters haven't played a competitive game for a long time. They could be very rusty come Sunderland!
  14. Where is Louie Barry at the moment? I noticed that he wasn’t listed as being at the preseason training camp in Wales by the Birmingham Mail yesterday unlike several other promising young players.
  15. Lots of people on here seem very keen on Weston McKennie. I have never seen him play but his whoscored stats mean his concentration is rated at “very weak” which means that he makes a lot of errors. From the brief highlights on YouTube he also needs to work on passing the ball to where the players receiving it want it. So while I can see he has got some good qualities, like most of our current players he will need to develop as a player to become a good premier league player. It’s another gamble. Given our situation, despite all of the talk on here we are probably goi
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