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  1. mallett

    Louie Barry

    There is a brief clip of Barry in action here for England U17. Little interaction with Aaron Ramsey before he sets up a goal. Hopefully something which will be replicated in the first team in years to come! In the rest of the video Barry's main role is to appear frustrated when his team mates ignore him and then muff their lines. Hopefully that won't be happening in the first team!
  2. Some of our youth players from the last 10 years have gone on to make it to the premier league. E.g. Callum Robinson, Enda Stevens, perhaps even Ciaran Clarke could be counted. Measured by that metric the problem might not have been just the youth team and over optimism by Sir Gary Cahill. However Villa haven’t been hoovering up all the best talent in the West Midlands ( Coventry - Maddison etc. and West Brom) as much as perhaps we should do. I think that’s partly the reason for the changes. We also lost our brightest talent since Grealish to Arsenal where he totally failed to develop into the footballer he should have been. I don’t think the rules have been changed so that could well happen again if a youth player looks particularly outstanding. Back on topic players who go onto to be great have often only had solid loan spells rather than ripping it up such as Grealish’s spell at Notts County. I think some of our current loaners are having a solid spell the question is whether they can kick on from there or even whether they will get the opportunity to at Villa.
  3. Purslow has ruled out loan deals without an opinion to buy. Just a loan is short termism and hurts Villa in the long term. Smith’s major attribute is that he improves players. From a business point of view we need them to be Villa players. We think of Kyle Walker, Robbie Keane etc as being successful loans but ultimately those loans and the other less successful ones contributed to the long term decline of the club. They were part of the long term debasement of the value of our football squad both in monetary and football value.
  4. Dean Smith is a proper coach. Today's match showed some steady progress - for long periods in the first half we dominated united as though we were at Villa Park. The team is overall getting better. I reckon pretty much all of our regular players have increased in value since Smith has been working with them. That is why the manager has been given a new deal. Class goal by Grealish (and another ridiculous miss in front of goal - not his first!). Thought both full backs looked good. Wesley put in a shift, held the ball up well without really threatening their goal enough - I thought he was better. You could see why Smith preferred AEG to Trez. We need another pacey option on the right who will get goals. Towards the end we looked out on our feet again but we have learned some lessons and got the point. Some shocking set pieces which was disappointing with Hourihane on the pitch. Not sure why we keep trying the short corner routine but we do it really badly. New goal threat in January please!
  5. mallett

    Dean Smith

    It seems to me that Smith choses his starting personnel in the team mostly because of how the players have previously performed. E.g. Nakamba plays well he starts. Has a poor game against Wolves and Luiz comes in for him. There is a bit of tactical tweaking - he stated that he left out Hourihane to be a bit more solid against Citeh and Liverpool. But I think he also takes players’ performances into account as well. That said I think he has his favourites. I personally wonder whether Luiz has to have at least some game time in a certain percentage of matches he is fit for to get another work permit. Though his recent cap might make this unnecessary now.
  6. Barbosa isn’t a bad idea. Has been on loan at Flamengo since January from Inter where he has been scoring nearly a goal a game. Thought that he has turned down a £19m transfer to either Crystal Palace or West Ham in favour of a permanent transfer to Flamengo. Left footed with a couple of tricks and a bit of pace so could cut in off the right for us. Only 23 but no idea what his character is like. Football wise he looks a good fit for us.
  7. I don't know what Smith will do - one of the good things about our transfer market dealings this summer is that we have tried to make it so that there are two players competing for each place - I don't remember us ever having this before. My first thought would be who am I going to rest because of injuries: Mings - resting because of his warm up injury before Everton - therefore bring in Hause. Grealish - rest because of the injury he got last season - bring in Nakamba ro the DM spot and move Luiz to the more advanced position alongside McGinn. Next I would wonder about LB should I drop Taylor in our next PL game for not contributing enough going forwards. But it also depends on how hard Targett has been trying in practice. Targett didn't rip up any trees in preseason and didn't look full of running. Has he got himself fitter? If so I might put him in if not I would keep Taylor in. For RB I would keep Guilbert and that means I would also play Jota in front of him. I would like them both to further work on their partnership together. Other CB position - do I go for continuity by keeping Engels - seems less important if Mings is not playing - I think I would play Konsa and see if we could play a higher backline. Engels has played well and I like him but his lack of pace means that we play a much deeper backline than I think Smith wants to. I think this is partly responsible for the midfield being overrun later in games. For the keeper I would play Heaton as I want him to keep working on his distribution and the system that Villa play. Bit harsh on Steer but that is football. For LW I would play El Ghazi ahead of Trez as a reward for his Everton cameo. Up front I would play Wesley to see if he can't get some more goals for his confidence. Tempted to bring on Davis at the 60/70 min mark though so as not to overwork Wesley and also to see if Davis can get the goals he needs if he is to develop as a player. Kodjia I wouldn't risk because of his ankle. so the team would be: Heaton Guilbert Konsa Hause Taylor / Targett Nakamba Jota Luiz McGinn El Ghazi Wesley
  8. mallett

    Wesley Moraes

    From the extended highlights Wesley looks a lot better than a lot of people on here are saying. I think he is a player who could go either way: brilliant or awful. I seem to remember that a lot of people on here were writing Benteke off for the first seven or eight games before he really hit his stride. His issue was that he kept missing a lot. You can see why we bought Wesley - there are the ingredients for a good player there - it is not certain that he is going to put it all together in the right way to become that player but one thing is for certain is that it will take time.
  9. Here’s a link to the goals from Preston’s game against Bradford. Green’s goal is the first.
  10. mallett

    Douglas Luiz

    Personally I haven’t been this excited by a DM since Matthieu Berson. I seem to remember he also had quite a following on Villatalk. Will Douglas reach such heights?
  11. Saw this little video compilation of Callum on loan last season. link I think if he continues to develop he has a chance of making it. I don't think he has ripped up any trees in the preseason games I have seen. However, in these highlights he looks like he can ride a challenge. For me the issue with these highlights is his final ball. He hasn't got the weight of pass that Grealish has (still few players do!). Needs to make sure that he makes more of his good work hurt the opposition in someway. Still I'm no great judge of a player and highlights is a rubbish way to scout someone. I wonder what Dean and co. have in mind for young Callum?
  12. We still need more goals from our forwards. I don't fancy Maupay for the premier league. I just don't think he has the X-factor needed to make it as a striker in the premier league. For me, he is a hard working, aggressive (but short) goal poacher, who is capable of some neat interplay. I am not sure that would be enough to make it in the premier league. I think striker is the position which shows the biggest difference in quality between the premier league and the championship. Think of someone like Dwight Gayle - looks top notch in the championship and below mediocre in the premier league. I feel Maupay will be the same. Wonder if we are going for anyone else? I still like Benrahma as I think he can play wide forward and bring goals. Maybe we will be OK with Kodjia as back up striker.
  13. mallett

    Douglas Luiz

    I am very excited about this signing but he is a young player of enormous potential not a world beater (yet). He struggled to get into Girona's relegated team last season. He played well against Barca and Real according to the highlights reel but other observers have suggested he was off the pace in some of their other matches. Just winning the best player award at Toulon doesn't mean you will go on to be a great player (although plenty have done) - this link gives a list of past winners. The last two Brazilian winners in 2013 and 2014 respectively were Yuri Mamute and Rodrigo Caio who from what I can see have hardly gone on to rip up world football. Like the majority (all?) of the players we have signed this summer, our coaching team are backing their ability to improve Douglas and fulfill his potential. Our board are backing our coaching team to increase the value of their investment.
  14. It's interesting that after watching him in 3 friendlies while people on here have been impressed, they have concerns about him defensively. His stats from last season suggested his style was more as a tough tackling defensively minded player rather than an attacker. He even played CB last season. It is going to take him a bit of time to bed in and get his positioning right within the system we play. His highlight reel shows a player who loves a sliding tackle (which is great) but also suggests perhaps he isn't always in the right position defensively. Having seen him, that might be because he gets up and down the pitch an incredible amount. Maybe the coaching team at Villa have been focusing on developing his attacking skills. Caen got relegated so he probably didn't focus on attacking that so much. One thing is for sure, he is a huge upgrade on Hutton! He also looks like he will need some time to get used to the physicality of the English game but I think he will relish that aspect.
  15. After watching the match yesterday I still think we need more goals in the team particularly from the wide players. Smith has played either 433 or 4141 throughout his time at Villa. Both formations needs the two wide forwards / wingers to have a big goal threat. Both of these formations have just one striker. Wesley seems to have been bought with that role in mind. I don't think Wesley is going to score enough goals on his own this season - certainly nowhere near Tammy's 26. Yesterday we tried Davis in the central role which is surely his natural position rather than one of the wide roles he played in the US. In the central role Davis looks great except for when you consider his goal threat. He really didn't look like he could play the wide role. I like Davis but he should go on loan and hopefully smash some goals in and build up his confidence and goal scoring know how. I thought Hepburn Murphy looked promising in the wide role yesterday but still very raw. He showed some nice skill and pace at times but his decision making, end product and defensive contribution weren't always the best. I think he would benefit from another loan spell. El Ghazi can play the wide role although he needs to kick on from last season. He can put in crosses, move the defensive line back because of his pace, beat his man, do the defensive cover and have a goal threat but he needs to do these things more consistently in the PL. He is currently our best option for one of the two wide roles. Green looks like he needs another loan spell as he really doesn't show enough to make up for his lack of experience. He looks better on the left hand side coming inside to shoot on his right foot. There is something there but we don't see enough of it. Kodjia is probably the best finisher at the club (although Wesley is very dangerous from crosses which we were good at putting in last season). However, he is a shocking team player who even when he brings goals (which he has struggled with to some extent since his nasty ankle injuries) takes away from the team for much of the time. I would sell Kodjia if we got a decent offer for him. Jota has looked like a good buy but I am not sure how much of a goal threat he will offer in the PL. I think he might be able to cover for Jack or cover for a wide role. Hogan - doesn't look good enough - considering he had the best spell of his career under Smith, Dean hasn't been giving him that many opportunities to recover that form for Villa. Perhaps Dean pulled a fast one on Villa when he was at Brentford! I think he needs to be sold. So for me I still think we need at least another winger / wide forward maybe two. Personally based on the youtube evidence I have seen, I would still much prefer Benrahma to Trezeguet. Trezeguet's highlights didn't really do it for me but that is not a very good way to judge a player as I thought Tonev was going to be amazing based on his! I would only really want Leao if he could play one of the wide forward roles. I'd be happy for some other options as well.
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