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  1. Looked like he was lacking sharpness. Give him a chance ffs!
  2. Excellent first half, disappeared second half (with the rest of the team). I was in the stadium today and the home fans were all talking about him at half time. In a better team he'll be fantastic.
  3. He has binned the hair it seems...gone for all black and short for Nike's new 'Hypervenom' boot launch. Clearly he reads VillaTalk... Rumours are saying that he's actually cost Barca nearer £60m with signing on fees etc. With Falcao going to Monaco, La Liga is looking like even more of the two-horse race next year (unless Atletico reinvest that £50m very wisely).
  4. just a bit of fun, it's not going to be handed to him on arrival at Barcelona airport...
  5. He was due to stay until after the World Cup, but as his contract expires then (July 2014) he would have been eligible to leave on a free transfer, which Santos couldn't afford. Therefore, they had to cash in on him now. The transfer is said to be around £23m with another £7m add-ons if (/when) he wins the Champions League. Agree that he hasn't yet done it internationally, but then again Brazil as a whole have hardly lit up the World for the past 5 years. Also have to agree that Lucas Moura is a great prospect, perhaps more ready-made to slot into European football, but I think Neyma
  6. There's a lot of debate over Neymar, and whether he'll be a success at Barcelona or not. If you're not familiar with how good he is (or even if you think you are), take a look at this: http://soccersagacity.com/2013/05/26/neymar-barcelonas-new-superstar-2/ Technically gifted, arrogant, selfish...a number of good and bad traits. No doubt, he is a talent. I think Villanova needs to use Messi as a mentor, so that Neymar learns how to mix his individual brilliance with team work ethic. It's about the right skills at the right time. Full debate here on whether or not he'll s
  7. I am the opinion master. You're right, your opinion is just as valid as mine. Apologies.
  8. I'm trying really hard not to bite...but you did me with that last line. "Overreact like someone got murdered" - right, I mean...an honest assessment of a player's inept performance is very similar to how I'd behave had I witnessed a murder, clearly. Saying he played well - I strongly disagree. You seem to be satisfied that running forward regularly makes a good performance. I'm not knocking the lad's stamina, just his footballing ability. He was exposed because he is a poor player, plain and simple. When Puncheon isolates him one-on-one, that is not the team performing badly and defendi
  9. I'm thinking particularly of the first half, when Puncheon ripped him apart. I was sat L5 and was about 5m from him as he backed off continuously, allowing Puncheon/Lambert/Rodriguez turn him inside and out and get a shot/cross away. Also, if there is no cover then it is the full back's responsibility to defend first and foremost, not bomb on and then when they get exposed say "well there was no winger to cover me". That's called having a tactical football brain. I'm sorry for being so forceful in my opinion but if you think Stevens did well against Southampton then you must know very l
  10. Unfortunately, this is literally impossible
  11. Lichaj is better at LB. Bennett and Stevens should not play in the first team again this season, there has to be a better alternative. I'd just play Benteke there and pump him full of steriods and caffeine so he tears the winger a new ar5ehole every time he touches the ball, that should do it...
  12. Olsson is achievable but no idea if he's on PL's radar. Think Cahill loan would be excellent business, as would Sinclair if we don't have to pay big wage contribution. Lescott looks unlikely now, and Sissoko...well who knows.
  13. I picked Sissoko as one of my 5 signings to save Villa Would be a good signing from what I have heard/seen of him, but for me a FB and CB is higher priority as I am convinced Delph can do a job as CDM.
  14. This was as bad a defensive performance as I've seen. 'Getting forward well' is not a positive when you then don't get back quick enough, leaving us exposed to counter attacks. He is very poor in all defensive areas and needs to be loaned out to improve, he'll cost us too much in the Premier League.
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