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  1. Cant wait for this!! Although as good as Ridley Scott is (blade runner,gladiator my fav films ever made) cant remember the last real good film he has made since Gladiator?? Think he has lost his touch.
  2. Anybody got any tips on learning a new language and how long on average, before i could have a basic conversation in that language? Want to learn German and currently using rosetta stone.
  3. Thanks for the feedback guys. Im going for a month. Getting the 10 days travel within 22 days pass then will buy single tickets for the rest. Quitting my job to do it. Seems crazy quitting job just to go away for a month but ill never get the time off to do it and would regret it if i didnt do it. Had a google at Berchtesgaden and it looks amazing.defo gona go for a day trip there when in munich. wainey- what was Ljubjlana like?? was thinking going there as wanted to go to lake bled which i beleive isnt to far away?? Also how was the train ride from nice to barcelona?? really wana
  4. Anybody got an experiences or recommendations on where to go in europe. I start off in Munich where interrail pass will kick in and so far plan is: Munich> Salzburg> Innsbruck> Venice> Rome> Florence> Then possibly spain depending on time. Not sure if there any other places i should go on route. Possibly interlaken in switzerland but a bit out of the direction was going.
  5. Anyone been watching la la land on bbc three??? i hate british shows but this show is **** incredible. marc wooton is the bravest guy on tv! absolutely hilarious.as is facejacker actually just found out la la land is an american show with a british guy! it was on showtime before it was on the bbc.
  6. Dexter!!!! - greatest show since the sopranos.**** the wire Entourage is another hbo classic
  7. Watched lord of war last night - serioulsy underated film Also recommend The Prestige - modern classic that not many people have seen for some reason despite the director and actors involved
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