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  1. Martin Jol it will be then if we pay Ajax 12m Can't see that happening
  2. So £20m turned down but City will come back probably at £25m which would be hard to say no too We could redirect that money to Spurs for Bentley/Keane/O'Hara Sounds good business to me
  3. Think we will wait and see what the big spenders do and then try to raid their squad players Chelsea, Man U, City, Spurs and Arsenal will all spend big this Summer. Liverpool may if they sell their 2 main assets too The Race for 4th will be even harder and I don't think we will be able to compete with the sort of players those clubs will be chasing but they will all sell as well so we might get some fairly good players off them that will see their chance of 1st team football get further away. Players like SWP, Bellemy, Jenas, Keane & Bentley I can see all being available. Think MON will play a waiting game. But to be honest the chase for 4th is getting further away especially if Spurs get through to the group stages of the CL. They have one of the top 15 turnovers in World football now so add another £20m/£30m/£40m to that and they will crack the top 10 very quickly and with their new ground starting to be developed this Summer in 3 years time they will be getting 50k+ a week for games. God I hate money sometimes!
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