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  1. This happened all last season, Deano even said it in an interview if I recall. They go out for a meal on Thurs, have a bit of a laugh and there has never been any indication that they are drinking at all. Zero. Everyone remember how annoying it was not so long ago when the press made a big deal about Jack outside a nightclub?? Well, that's exactly what we are doing here. There is no fire, so don't blow smoke. UTV
  2. Bomvilla7

    John Terry

    My gut tells me that Terry is a very important part of the way Deano coaches and manages his players. As strange as it might sound, I think Terry get's a bigger buzz out from being involved with the players as opposed to someone like Lampard or Gerrard who went straight to management. Terry was a phenomenal player and leader (and still is I reckon) and moreso, players want to work with him (quotes from Grealish in the past, Mings more recently) which I think is a huge deal. Deano has created a very positive and encouraging environment that all the players seem to have bought into (from the outside at least) and I think Terry is a large part of that. And in fairness to Terry, he has said in the past that all he wants to do with Deano Smith is learn from him and if that means picking up the cones he will do it. He is definitely playing an important role not only as a coach, but as a positive go between the players and management IMHO.
  3. It will be interesting to see who goes out from now. There has to be a few outgoings so expecting us to make a small amount back. Hopefully a few good loans for O'Hare, JDH, RHM, Bree, Davis that will help them push on. Totally agree with the point about it being Deanos team now, he has made his mark. Hopefully, it will be the sword that hurts others rather than the one he falls on.. For what its worth, i think we will be fine and are currently better then Norwich, Sheff Utd, Newcastle, Brighton, Burnley, and maybe (a big maybe though) Southampton and Palace.
  4. Preston would be a good test for him. They place some good stuff and will have plenty of games. Would hope/expect him to make 20 odd appearances at least. Best of luck to him and hope he pushes on. I kind of feel like this will be make or break for him at our level.
  5. This will be a real good game and a proper test. This is where we will see how far off the pace we are. A draw here would actually be a good result for us, they are a good side with some talented players and a very highly rated coach in Nagelsmann. I think Jota will start and will surely be as close to the first XI for Spurs. Steer Guilbert Engels Mings Targett Hourihane SJM Grealish El Ghazi Jota Wesley
  6. Bit of an aside, does anyone know if there was any sort of sell on clause in the deal with Hibs? Because if not that is incredible! Granted he has become a better player since he joined but still.. I know 50m is an insane amount of money and with the sensible cap on, it would be something we should think long and hard about considering the outlay this window BUT I think he is integral to DS plans and system. In many ways' he is as important to the team as Grealish is, plus he seems totally bought into what we are doing here and for those reasons I wouldn't sell for even 50m. Its a real head vs heart one for me.
  7. Mitch Clark gone to Leicester on a free, I had actually forgotten that we had released him. Thought it was strange considering how much he played on loan last year. Anyways, absolutely Marvelous window so far, nuts to think we are one of the highest spenders in Europe, never mind the PL. I know we did this before with Tactics Tim but unlike Tim, I have great faith in Deano to make this work. Our squad has such an impressive strength in depth with what feels like 2 strong players in each position pushing each other for places and I read somewhere last night that for each player brought in, they all seem to have a 'buddy' or someone who speaks the same language which is a very shwred move to help the settling in process. The three loans signing, Trez and Elmo from Egypt, Targett and Grealish from Eng U21 days, Luiz and Wesley from Brazil, Wesley, Nakamba and Engels from Brugge/Belgium. smooth tranasfer moves by Deano and the NSWE, seriously good vibes at the moment
  8. I thought he would be in for some minutes this year but with all the incomings on the wings now I can't see it. A loan might with a recall option might be best. Similar to Davis, I think he needs some consistent game time. Honestly, look at how Grealish has flourished over the last 2-3 years (I'm not comparing the two by the way, totally different players) he got a consistent run at Nott's county, got a run out with us, realised he needed to bulk up a bit physically and work on his end product (according to some at the time), and somehow despite the recent cartwheel of managers, he managed to get a decent run in the team and now is the heartbeat of the team. Totally agree with the previous point about him being more of an inside forward than a winger. He is a very direct runner and will cause problems.
  9. Bomvilla7

    Keinan Davis

    He has been impressive, if raw whenever he has played. Under Bruce when we had an injury crisis up front he came in under huge pressure and did very very well. Would like to see him get a full season loan into him, if we get another striker in. He has the attributes to make it in my opinion, and time is on his side.
  10. I trust that the club and DS are doing all they can to get Mings to sign and we can't ask for more than that. Don't forget; Mings is on holidays in Barbados or somewhere so he ain't dealing with contracts, agents, clubs, etc. He was wearing his Villa kit for something like 24/36 hours after the final. He seemed to really enjoy his time here - evident by his performances and the rapport he struck with the fans (going over at the end of games, singing from the Hilton hotel, giving shirts away, etc.) We have at least a matching clause with Bournemouth and his time seems to be up at Bournemouth after the injuries, limited playing time, etc. would be best for both parties. No rumours of anyone else interested in him from what I understand. Its only June 18th. Chill - I believe it will happen
  11. Bomvilla7

    James Chester

    I hope not, as I still think he has an influence and yesterday with Jack sharing the trophy lift with him too he obviously means something to the players also. Plenty of great players in the past who have had to 'manage' their body and balance training/playing/recovery in different way. Hoping he will play a part next season.
  12. Any idea what that clause is? I would definitely try to keep him, a big unit and has improved a lot since Jan. Plenty more in him and Terry will bring it out of him.
  13. Is that the confirmed release clause? if so, total no brainer
  14. He has had an incredible season and will be fondly remembered by us for a long time, for all the right reasons. So hard to know what will happen with him and Chelsea. If they get a transfer embargo they might want to keep him but I think we should take a punt on him, unless Chelsea want 20+ mill. I kinda get the feeling that he wants to stay and has bonded with the lads really well. He is definitely a confidence player but will lose that momentum when he goes back to Chelsea. FFP and our cheque Book are also a big factor, we definitely need a quality PL striker up top as I don't think Kodja will cut it unfortunately.

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