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  1. Bomvilla7

    John Terry

    I think he will want to give the Prem one more crack. One thing is for certain, I'm a hell of a lot more confident of keeping 2nd place with him in the team than without. He is a proper leader and a winner, you could see that with his reaction after the game yesterday. I hope Chester is also benefiting from his presence. Brilliant piece of business.
  2. Bomvilla7

    Alan Hutton

    I think its more to do with a "let's wait and see where we are before we commit to new deals". Players will be gunning for new contracts now that we are on a roll, arguably the teams stock is high currently so anyone with 12 months or less and playing will be pushing for a big contract. No issues with Hutton not getting a new contract, I think his time is up and he will go back to the SPL. If we do go up, it should be an interesting summer window that's for sure.
  3. Bomvilla7

    January transfer window 2018

    He would be a useful option to have as backup, but I'm sure we would be looking for a first team striker if we went up. if we could keep the core of Johnstone, Chester, Snodgrass, Grealish, Adomah and get Kodja firing again, that would be a great start. Supplement with with some quality signings and I would think we would be ok for a first season back in the PL. Anyways, long way to go in that race yet. Its a problem to worry about if/when we actually get promoted.
  4. Bomvilla7

    Steve Bruce

    They were due a sticky patch, unfortunately I still think they have a brilliant squad and expect them to get back to winning ways sooner rather than later. I hope I'm wrong, but I can't see it atm
  5. Bomvilla7

    James Chester

    Terrified he will leave even if we go up.
  6. Bomvilla7

    January transfer window 2018

    I would hope that we would go all out to try and keep Johnstone & Snodgrass. But worried about an extra CB & Midfield - I think Grealish will benefit from a consistent manager & game time so think he will be ok. Green I'm not sure on yet. RB & LB will need an upgrade but not a priority I think
  7. Bomvilla7

    Pre Match Chitty Chatty

    They are full time professionals with state of the art facilities and a full coaching & sports science team behind them. They should be fine. I appreciate its intense and the required fitness levels are far beyond mine, but most of that team are in their mid twenties, they should be able to cope, plus we have Grealish & Jedi back to bring some extra energy We should be taking the game to Ipswich from start to finish, especially as they have a days less rest than us.
  8. Bomvilla7

    Pre match chit chat

    Must win, and comfortably at that. They are shocking, and are bottom for a reason. We really should be dictating the game from start to finish. Comfortably win please!
  9. Bomvilla7

    January transfer window 2018

    I would add Shane Long to that list. Would take him all day long if it was an option.
  10. Bomvilla7


    Grayson has probably committed career suicide with that move, and I do feel for him. They are in an awful mess and makes me appreciate that we appear to be on the way back up. But he was mad to take it, he had a positive thing going at PNE and the signings he made there before he left are doing really well at the moment. I don't think we ever hit that low a level (thankfully!) but they are in serious trouble on and off the pitch.
  11. Bomvilla7

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    The next 2 games against Burton (A) & Bolton (H) I think will tell us where we are. Win both those comfortably and we will be back in the mix. They are games that we would have struggled & drawn last year so hoping to see a marked improvement & continue our good run of form.
  12. Bomvilla7

    Pre-match thread

    Good, I'm glad to hear someone fears us at least a little
  13. Bomvilla7

    Pre-match thread

    This is exactly where my head is at. This is a game where we should control it from the start and win comfortably 2 or 3 nil.. if we have in fact turned a corner. A win would do our confidence some good before we head to Cardiff & Reading. -------------------- Johnstone ---------------- Hutton --- Chester --- De Laet--- Amavi Elmo---Onomah---Hourihane---Green ------------- Hogan ---------- Gabby---------- Empty the subs bench then as needs be
  14. Bomvilla7

    Josh Onomah

    Would be surprised to see him start tomorrow, needs a chance to train with the squad. Could get a start against Colchester on Weds alright though.
  15. Bomvilla7

    Josh Onomah

    Yea agreed, Ah right, very happy with this anyways. He should be really eager and that positivity will definitely help us get off on the right foot. Honestly, you'd never know with Spurs, they could sign a few midfield players in the next month and if they qualify for the champs league again next year, he could well find himself heading back to a club where he might not be guaranteed much game time. If he does well with us and enjoys his football, he might want to come back or stay (and play regularly in the PL when we get promoted )