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  1. Poor analogy. Assuming Lazio beat Lecce tomorrow then Juve's lead is down to 4 points with 8 games left, that's vaguely competitive
  2. Hello, I think I've won various versions of this league five times plus at least a couple of seconds and always rejoin this league automatically. I'd already decided to let someone else have a chance by not rejoining next year but actually let's freshen this year up too, I'm therefore resigning from the league which I imagine now looks very competitive (i can't see as I've left) Good luck and have fun
  3. Haha we'll see Dougie boy, I've won this league at least 4 times, I'm the daddy lol ps which of the challengers are you?
  4. Curtice's site has 2 more recent (ORB 52, 40 and YouGov 43, 42) http://whatukthinks.org/eu/questions/should-the-united-kingdom-remain-a-member-of-the-eu-or-leave-the-eu/ Not that I trust the pollsters on this...
  5. People who use the word like too often and when it isn't appropriate.e.g. 'We LIKE decided to on holiday to LIKE Bali but before we could LIKE book had to LIKE call Portia to LIKE check that it was LIKE fine to LIKE confirm the booking.' I was born in Shakespeare's county and I hate butchery of the english language. rocket polishers
  6. The events of the last few days have confirmed to me what I had already thought to be the case i.e. Randolph D Lerner is just a spoilt little rich kid. He has to be the best argument for inheritance tax ever. The evidence suggests that he doesn't like people disagreeing with him or (heaven forbid) telling him that he doesn't know what he's doing. I find it very telling that it seems that he didn't have the balls to actually phone King or Bernstein but instead resorted to an email - in my experience email is the device of cowards who don't have the backbone or ability to deal with things proper
  7. Actually, achieve the almost impossible and made Randolph D Lerner look like even more of a tool. Marginal I know but still an achievement...
  8. I always try and rate each BPL game on a scale of 0-10 based on how much it impacted my FPL team (10 being perfection, 5 neutral, 0 complete disaster) I think the Stoke-Spurs game was close to a 1 for me . The only thing preventing a 0 were the lack of hat-tricks and the number of people having Alli and Toby on the bench, I imagine a fair few hoping for a Lukaku or other no show as a quarter of people in the top 10k benched Alli
  9. If you've still got your second wildcard left then keep an eye out for the big double gameweek. Play your wildcard the week before the DGW and fill up with DGW players then the bench boost in the DGW, if it works out you could effectively have 30 players that week rather than 11.
  10. Look at the fixtures for Gameweek 27 (not very far away now) , because of the League Cup Final Man City, Liverpool, Everton and Newcastle don't have a fixture. This extra fixture will have to be played before Gameweek 38 meaning all of these clubs are already guaranteed a double gameweek. In addition the clash between BPL and FA Cup fixtures in the weekend of gameweek 30 means that more clubs will also have a double gameweek.
  11. My strong advice (former winner of this league, runner up last year and third this year) would be to use it in a double gameweek, likewise the bench boost
  12. The best argument for inheritance tax that I've ever seen.
  13. Too right, also two months ago most neutrals wanted us to get relegated due to our hopeless, sleep inducing football Right now I reckon most neutrals want us to stay up as we'd add something exciting to the league, that makes me very happy
  14. Bringing Ozil in right now is just daft as he's protected until Monday at least so can't rise in price until then. He's got the small matter of a derby with Austria tonight where no love will be lost I imagine so you wouldn't want to waste a transfer having to sub him out.
  15. Yids is definitely a secondary nickname for Tottenham, witness them singing 'Jermaine Defoe he is a yiddo' and shouting 'Yids' during their home games. However I'm told they are doing much less of the latter recently
  16. You are also allowed to leave with a notice period. Football is not the real world. . Clubs can play off contracts if they wish too. If we were taking large loss's like we have with all the crap we've brought previously than id agree contracts in football are wrong. But the fact is the ball is in our court because of this contract. He doesn't have to honour it but we do have to get paid the asking price. Yes but if the club pay the player off the player is hardly losing anything in fact many are trying to engineer it, I don't have a particular issue with Benteke I half expected it a
  17. Notice periods work both ways, it means they could get rid of me too. Footballers can sit on their fat backsides if they so choose You are also allowed to leave with a notice period. Football is not the real world.
  18. In real life if I sign a contract I'm generally expected to honour it, football isn't real life the players have way too much power now, used to be the other way round but the pendulum has swung way too far the other way. It would be great if an owner took this to the European court and won a la Bosman. I'm not sure of the law on this in particular but an EU employment lawyer I know said that if clubs took FIFA to the court over international friendlies then the clubs would be very likely to win.
  19. Given his bellend of an agent and track record of loyalty I hope Villa are savvy enough to negotiate a good sell on clause for Benteke
  20. Aspartame is the shit of Ecoli, which makes it a "Natural flavouring". Is that a loophole for them to smuggle in Aspartame without telling the consumer as it is in the USA? Often when you get the term "Natural flavouring" you get a list in parenthesis ( ) what those are. When you don't get that list, that's when I wonder what those flavourings are... This is a bit off topic, except in the fact Bannan and Bennett shouldn't be drinking rubbish drinks that will negatively effect their performances. We have proof they both drink bad drinks. You do know almonds contain cyanide right? Guess we h
  21. Biskitt's post makes a lot of sense Spurs desperately need a striker and Benteke seems like a really good fit. The only thing I'd ask is whether those quotes about Benteke loving Arsenal were ever authenticated or were they just bollocks. I know most footballers are complete mercenaries but if he really does love the gooners that much surely he wouldn't join Tottenham.
  22. Delph's form at the end of the season suggest he has the potential to develop into a really good player, there were passages of play in the Man City and Chelsea games when he was sensational.
  23. What I actually said as you are so fond of quoting is that 'Bannan offers nothing physically apart from giving pointless and dangerous free kicks' As he offers absolutely nothing positive physically giving away even only 8 free kicks is his only significant contribution and I just checked and still believe that 8>>>>0. I wish I could show a player cam of Bannan in the QPR game after Sylla went off it was absolutely toe-curling, QPR just went through him like he wasn't there. I'm guessing that this combined with his pitiful performance against Liverpool convinced Lambert th
  24. 8 maybe a small number but last time I looked it's considerably bigger than zero which is what Bannan offers physically.
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