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  1. Having watched this interview, and watching Ollie last night, I could see him always looking to get involved. It was refreshing to see from a Villa striker.
  2. Gary Jacob‏@garyjacob46m Aston Villa's Alan Hutton to permanently move to Real Mallorca today. Could there be a luckier player? Gary Jacob is a Sports reporter for The Times so Twitter tells me.
  3. Where's that dislike button?
  4. Main points of interview: Scotland national team England U21 team youngsters not getting a chance in Premiership Matt Lowton and other youngsters got experience now at Villa. Warnock admires Lambert sticking to his guns. Villa couldn't afford experienced player salaries. Youngsters will get better. Benteke - A player doesnt necessarily want to go. Players get in his ear. Can't stop it. Gamble to move to bigger club. Champions league final. Mulling over old times. Scotland again. In summary - nothing new. P.S. lambert said Lowton cost £1mill
  5. Lambert on Talksport now
  6. arguably kept us up in 2011/12 as our player of season. earned his wages then Agreed.
  7. He left Germany 16 years ago, doubt many of them centre backs will remember him So, any good, say 19 year old CBs that Lambert knew would now be 35 ?! I meant they would have been kids when he played there but they would remember him from back in the day and followed his progress since, noting he got his badges in Germany and likes to play 'German style'. Didn't realise it was that long ago though.
  8. Any good young German CB's available in our price range that remember and respect Lambert from his time in Germany?
  9. Scored 1094 for my first go on the Arachnophilia - not a good score Im sure and no sign of a bat.
  10. I am very proud of our boys. 3 big games recently that we really needed to win. QPR, Reading, and last night, and they rose to the occasion every time. Very very happy today
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