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  1. Yeah i think this is a good idea, he should be on the bench a lot more. Bar the Leicester goal, Hassan hes been pretty damn rubbish. Jota has quality ( just no pace or strength) but if we changed our shape there could be room for him.
  2. I think from what we've seen this season he'd be perfect playing centre, centre half, migs oon the left, konsa on the right. I think with thw new formation and when Samatta plays the outside full backs can deiver deep crosses and I think Mings would be ebtter than house to do this. Engels would fir this centre role perfectly. I echo the above comments - I'd like to kno what's gone on, something seems amiss
  3. I thought he did pretty well considering. He played like a striker today, kudos to him
  4. Yes.... and get Gabby back out of retirement and bring back Barry Bannan - tbf I genuinely believe he'd be a significant upgrade on Danny Drink(anything but)water, Douglas Luiz and Markedlyaverage Nakamba We're Aston Villa, we're on the way back!!
  5. commander

    Ørjan Nyland

    Disagree. I think he won it hands down. Well played Orjan!
  6. It's 3rd lowest according to the mirror. i'd be very surprised if we are the 3rd lowest wage bill. We have 3 international keepers, any players signed under Xia will be on loads of money (I'd expect Kodija, Lansbery, Hourihane etc wages to have gone up on promotion - possibly doubled) and the two brazilians moving for high transfer fees won't come cheap. There's no way Sheffield United, Norwich, Brighton, Newcastle or Soutampton players being on more money not a chance. Watford & Bournemouth I'd expect woud be quite similar
  7. commander

    Ørjan Nyland

    he did well. I'd be tempted to have him over steer on the bench
  8. We don't need to sell, so would only do so if he forced it (which i don't think he'd do) or we're offered silly money. £40m we'd laugh at.
  9. Ditto Tarkowski and Keane. The former replaced the latter, both played alongside Ben Mee
  10. he aready has hence the song I think i sw it in instagram I think
  11. Guilbert whooaahhGuilbert whooaahhHe goes to Dudley ZooHe's better than Cafu! Guilbert whooaahh!
  12. I detest the AVFC it just looks lame. I'd try to incorporate the star within the badge. Loved the old round badge - as Jamacian Villan suggested the star inbetween Aston Villa could work nicely. I also like the Lion on it's own, but we probably need some thing else so that it's recognisable as Villa
  13. We ALL have... It can't be helped.
  14. If he's good around the place and he wants to do his badges - let's give him a chance and work with the kids
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