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  1. he aready has hence the song I think i sw it in instagram I think
  2. Guilbert whooaahhGuilbert whooaahhHe goes to Dudley ZooHe's better than Cafu! Guilbert whooaahh!
  3. I detest the AVFC it just looks lame. I'd try to incorporate the star within the badge. Loved the old round badge - as Jamacian Villan suggested the star inbetween Aston Villa could work nicely. I also like the Lion on it's own, but we probably need some thing else so that it's recognisable as Villa
  4. We ALL have... It can't be helped.
  5. If he's good around the place and he wants to do his badges - let's give him a chance and work with the kids
  6. DCM is the most important position on the pitch for me. We should play the person who is best suited to that position, whcih is Whelan.
  7. I'd like us to hire a sports psychologist to work with him and Adomah for the next week or so to try to build up their confidence - they both look shot of any whatsoever. Any kind of boost we can give them is worth a try
  8. How much pcae will Cole have lost? He wasnt a slouch and appears to have lokked after himself, that said if Green can use his pace he could come up trumps - Gabby used to cause Cole loads of problems even when he was in his prime.... actuallly.... Let's just bring Gabby back for the final
  9. In a world where this is possible, then perhaps Whelan can play in the Prem for the next fifty years, let alone next year. I believe it's almost impossible to compare Whelan and Westwood as DCMs; Whelan is brave, driven, doesn't go hiding and is positionally astute, whereas Westwood was a gutless coward, shirked a tackle and never took any responsibility. I can't believe he's done so well this year (or that the rest of Burnley been so poor), he just didn't display any positive attributes - he's by far and away the worst footballer I've ever seen play above 5 games - so perhaps it was the pressure of being at a 'big club' and he doesn't get it at Burnley(?) but I've never seen a more mentally weak footballer. Glenn Whelan is a great example of how to play DCM, Westwood (for us) was a perfect example of how not to.
  10. would he be eligible for the play offs?
  11. Westwood? Haha he is literally the worst player that's ever played above 10 games for us. He is the most cowardly player i've ever seen, makes everyone else in midfield alongsde measurably worse. We'd be better playing with 9 men than have him in our team.

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