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  1. Sky giving a good account of Villa there. I certainly don't think things are nearly as dire as some people on here are saying.
  2. replace a manager with 1 win this season with a manager with 1 win this season He'd be back plying his trade in a league where he has worked for over a decade and quite generally done very well.
  3. David Moyes. I'd like to think he'd jump at the chance to come back to the Premier League.
  4. Senderos is done, Baker is on loan and Lescott is obviously only around in the short-term. Having an decent extra CB would also allow Richards to play at RB if Sherwood desires.
  5. Sky Sports News just said that a fee is agreed for Lescott but he won't be allowed to leave WBA until they line up a replacement.
  6. I was wondering what Harry Ellis from Die Hard was up to. Glad to have him on board.
  7. Januzaj is apparently going to go on loan for the rest of the season. I'd quite happily have him at VP.
  8. Word is that Celtic are sending him back to VP as his injury is worse than first thought.
  9. I would have loved to get Holtby on loan. Is there a plan B now Hoolahan is off the table?
  10. Nah i found the same as you, i'm normally an XL or i was in the Nike top but i had to endure the embarrassment of a XXXL with this macron shirt!! Glad it wasn't just me who found this then! Was XXL not even big enough?!
  11. I found it to be the other way around, I usually wear a medium and the Macron home shirt was really baggy, so a small was a better fit. Very strange! Maybe it's because I got the long sleeve or something?
  12. Am I the only one who found the Macron sizing to be way off? I have the Nike kits in XL and they fit fine. When I got my Macon XL it was more like a medium.
  13. Shine bright, Andi Weimann Shine bright, Andi Weimann Shine bright, Andi Weimann You and I, Holte Enders in the sky
  14. sicwhite


    Nobody here heading to UFC 138?
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