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  1. start 4-4-2 if not working bring on delph with 25 mins to go so he can score a wonder goal and **** up the man u fans weekend
  2. 1 pass 2 pass 3 pass... nah just hump it forward
  3. we r the only team in league that cant put 3 or more passes together without humping it forward
  4. Young wasnt at the top of his game but made up for it with sheer hard work, tracking back, tough tackles etc. first he needs a rest and then a goal and he will be back on form.we are 2 signings away from being serious top 4 contenders. We look like a solid confident, organised team
  5. he is a very good defender he just a more attacking midfield in front of him who some dont offer enough protection
  6. Just cant wait to see Downing. Who knows lets get Dunne sorted and see what happens from there either way im quite excited ! our team is alot better than we give them credit for. downing is going to be a very good player for us. dunne is a done deal he is waiting on a big 6m payoff from city then he a villain. i think we need a st more than a creative midfielder as we can use young, downing and milner in this role
  7. 4-5-1 with milner,young,downing as our main attackers cant see us getting vdv now
  8. he will not score enough goals. mon has given him a role of holding up the ball and to defend from the front
  9. this is gonna be the best chance to catch liverpool on the down and beat them at anfield finally
  10. my team for next game playing 4-2-3-1 friedel beye - cuellar - davies - lichaj coker - sidwell gabby - young - milner carew
  11. i agree. we dont have the team for a 4-4-2 we should play 4-5-1 and when were a few goals up we can switcc to 4-3-3 to stretch the defence. the only positive was that this will prove to mon and the club we need more players asap. sidwell, petrov and coker should play in midfield. the way we got beat today was exactly what we needed to bring us back to reality
  12. the team didnt play that bad it just was that wigan were a alot sharper. we need some defenders asap. we know teams on gonna double up on a.young so we should give him a license to play in the space and also swap gabby and a young during the game to keep defenders guessing. not really anthing to panic as we had the most possession and shots. we will get some more players and kick on from there. CB & LB priority! & we cant rely on 1 player to get us points. Team rating today = 6.5 out of 10
  13. TOP 5 finish. we will get some players in before end of window and 1 or 2 more in jan
  14. i reckon we will have a better squad than last season by the start of this season
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