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  1. You say Bruce-hater............ and I say Bruce-hearter....
  2. Graham Taylor and politicians regularly start a sentence after being asked a question with something like "let me just say this" or "I'd just like to say" . You were asked the question, you had the space to talk, say what you want. Don't start a sentence insinuating you're trying to get a word in edgeways. Leaves me shouting at the radio.
  3. I kind of half agree the only two consistent elements are the 3g and VT. No other sites I've tried are affected on the 3g . So either it is my network provider possibly in conjunction with my employer as it's my skive at work, or my IP filters via their service provision and something with VT affects my mob. Anyway thanks for the reply I'll keep an eye on issues as it appears its only me and I do mainly access via wifi. It puts just a small crimp on my mid morning routine. Best regards.
  4. Happening on mobile phone. Accessing VT via WiFi on router THROUGH MOB is no issue. If I switch to 3g I get redirected to slim spot and then onto other sites payforit or the virtus site. Tried on chrome and dolphin browser. Both no issue on wifi both redirected on 3g. Phone is android 4.4.4. Redirect is immediate on clicking any topic in villa talk forum. Can't locate online solution in any other forums. Visiting Other random online sites via 3g there is no issue with adware. Not using app. Thanks
  5. Whooaa there steady on. Not every Villa fan lives in the shadow of the ground you know. Cor blimey guvnor, if i aint a true bonafidey mockney Essex boy mee sarf, luv a duck and all that caper, with me jellied eels. Don't worry, I could go on all night , and i probably will. Until the end of the day :winkold:
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