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  1. In recent times when we have been poor we have always had a couple of decent players. Have we got any in this team?! (Bent Doesn't count!!!)
  2. Devastated by this result today, what a shocker. A result like this has just kicked out any remaining confidence that we may of had left, We miss Vlaar,Dunne, Stan(get better soon). The Spine of that team has to improve.
  3. wow -The roller coaster has certainly started!!! Great win and lets hope it provides the confidence for this weekend!
  4. Its going to be a long season with a lot of dips and little ups!!! Ireland going off at half time was the turning point, games like that are so important in midfield. The problem is the Premier League as much Villa. The PL should be scrapped and in stead city and United should just play each other 36 times a year. At least Blues got thrashed tonight.
  5. Bennit - what a complete joke. Which Bright spark even suggested buying him!!!
  6. Its so obvous where the main problem on the park for Villa is. Its unbelievable. Was Ireland Injured???? The midfield would struggle in the Championship.
  7. Tricky game down at Southhampton. As long as we avoid defeat!!!
  8. I really don't understand current affairs with Randy. I thought he was a billionaire. That means that he is worth millions and millions and millions and so on...... He has just sold his American Football team. The point I am trying to make is why hasn't he got millions to throw at Villa I thought he was loaded whats happened in the last few years???!!!
  9. We are going to struggle this year from what I have seen of the first two performances of the year. The pundits seemed mixed on how Villa will do. - The back four of Lowton, Baker, Clarke & Vlaar looks very inexperienced and we will concede a lot of goals this year. Given is not getting any younger. - No leaders, we really are missing Petrov as an on the pitch player, captain and leader in so many ways (Get well soon Stan - we are all with you) - The majority of the youth could not compete in a championship side. - 0 Flare, normally we have had a few creative flare players in the past. Not this year though. We do have a good manager who is up against it this year.
  10. Fair play to all the hard working fans who worked there arses off for next to nothing and then spend there money watching this...!! Thats commitment!!
  11. Worst Villa team I have known for a long time - We have had better reserve teams - I am not joking!!! Defo ECHO the shouts that Baker, Bannan and Herd are not Aston Villa material
  12. If MON is not good enough to manage at this level then what does the make Houlier, Gary Mcallister, O Dreary and Mccliesh?? I understand your point about MON and his big spending's but unfortunately there is a strong correlation between the amount of money spent and the success. Its very rare that a team who does not spend will achieve success. It speaks Volumes when Chelsea can not realistically compete for the title. I do wander how Sunderland can afford this and the damage that could be done although ultimately its up to the chairman as its his money and his choice.
  13. Shame Arsenal fans will have to experience what 99% of other Football teams in the PL experience. Get used to it.
  14. In response to the blame for the deficit - Yardi Yardi Yarda. Well well well, certainly the current cohorts of gold medallists are the shocking result of the last long reigning Labour government. Gordon Brown ECT. !!!
  15. It always seems that on an international level Brittish (English)players no matter who they play against always seem less technically gifted then there opponents and are likely to struggle at keeping the ball. The South Koreans looked a lot more comfortable on the ball technically and skillfully than us although they seemed to tire as the game went on. The quality of all 5 of there penalties was absolute class they blasted all 5 away, I dont think Butland got close, in comparisons with Ramseys 2 and Sturridge. Again all I saw today from our defense was Richards or the other centre back receiving the ball look up shuffle a couple of yards and then play a side ways ball back to the other CB who would then look up shuffle awkwadly and launch yet another 40-50 foot long ball which in turn would either go out for a throw in or bounce off the shins of the over rated 15 million pound striker Sturridge. The passing at times was to say the least, limited - cheers Pearce. I wander if another promotion is on the cards. If so please can you do some coaching for the Spanish, Ze Germans, Brazil or failing that Birminghma city.
  16. How much was Collins on PW. Vlaar must be a tad annoyed if JC was on twice as much!!!
  17. Cant believe Pearce is the GB coach/Manager. At the under 21 Tournament a few years back England has a fairly decent team which I believe included, Danny Rose, Phill Jones, Smalling, Wellbeck, Sturidge, Henderson, Gibbs ect and in a Tournament which was created of little competition accept for Spain. Pearce managed to somehow not qualify from the group andhave the worst passing record combined with the most amount of long balls played by any team. His reward for this was to get the GB coaching role. Now I do not take the GB coaching role serious however its still a joke that he was rewarded for those efforts!!!
  18. Wow - 13 trillion that's profoundly insignificant compared to £ 56PW that is spent on the "lazy" Unemployed on benefits.
  19. Stats only tell so much, but that is flipping absurd. Is that true - What a stat! Have you got the site
  20. Do you know the Possible Italian lineup
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