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  1. fifamad

    Tammy Abraham

    For me he misses far too many chances.
  2. fifamad

    Ratings & Reactions: West Brom v Villa

    What cost us the win was Abraham’s appalling finishing.
  3. Well blues bounced straight back with a win tonight, I think they’ll be ok even if they do get a points deduction.
  4. Pathetic defending, embarrassing we couldn’t see out the game when we were winning and they were down to 10 men for the last 22 minutes.
  5. fifamad

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v sha

    Didnt actually think we played that well and we also rode our luck if they scored that one off the post to make it 0-2 it could of been a different game but I think our expensively assembled squad seen us overpower them in the end with a rub of the green also. Our defence is worrying, I’m glad Jota was not playing as we looked all over the place defensively, I think we will spend big in January to try push for top 6.
  6. Yeah seen it now, can’t really understand what his saying lol
  7. Haven’t heard anything about this? Can’t find anything about it either...
  8. fifamad

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Bolton

    I think Bolton will go down
  9. fifamad

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Bolton

    I thought the performance was not convincing and Bolton could of been at least level at HT, second half we seen it out, we need to be far better, Bolton are a woeful team in freefall, unconvincing imo.
  10. fifamad

    Match Thread: Villa v Bolton

    For me that was a very unconvincing first half, we are lucky to be in the lead.
  11. fifamad

    Match Thread: Villa v Bolton

    We are very fortunate to be ahead so far against a very poor Bolton side
  12. fifamad

    Dean Smith

    Friday is a must win game, if we can’t beat a garbage Bolton side who are in free fall at home then we really should be worried.
  13. They are 2 points from play offs, 11 unbeaten, 4 wins on the bounce ? I’d much rather be on 23 points with +5 GD in very strong form then sitting in 17th looking like shit all season.
  14. fifamad

    The Championship thread

    Pulis is a lucky word removed.
  15. fifamad

    Ratings and Reactions: QPR v Villa

    Garbage, again! We could be fighting relegation this season let alone challenging for play offs!!!
  16. fifamad

    Match Thread: QPR v Villa

    Taylor is a woeful full back, pitiful player.
  17. fifamad

    Match Thread: QPR v Villa

    No blues can’t go down that low even if they lose but if they win they can go to 7th, while we will be sat in 18th...
  18. fifamad

    Match Thread: QPR v Villa

    If we lose this game tonight we could well be 18th by Saturday evening....
  19. fifamad

    Match Thread: QPR v Villa

    Nearly 2-0 there
  20. fifamad

    Match Thread: QPR v Villa

    We will be fighting relegation the way things are going never mind the play offs!!
  21. fifamad

    Match Thread: QPR v Villa

    I said this when we signed him, everyone was creaming in their pants over him and I said he is over rated, he is like bambi on ice!!
  22. fifamad

    Ratings & Reactions: Norwich v Villa

    Absolute garbage, we are in a real mess.
  23. I call it as I see it, someone said sha owners are broke and I read they are extremely wealthy, i like to talk/debate with a honest view while others just repeatedly dismiss anything if it’s not calling them shite, I believe they have a good manager and some decent players, guess that makes me a nose ?
  24. fifamad

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Swansea

    I thought it was a below average performance tbh, we were lucky to win, we look a mediocre team, thought there would be a lot more enthusiasm from the team.